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Tough Guy

Our range of Tough Guy pumps includes the HM series model. This is a non self priming, horizontal, multistage end suction centrifugal pump. We stock more than 20 different types of HM Tough Guy pumps, each offering different numbers of phases and varying degrees of power outputs.

These horizontal multistage pumps are suitable for a variety of applications. As an all round booster unit they are fantastic. The use of stainless steel construction for the pump shaft, impeller, chamber and filling plug means they are robust and will remain resistant to corrosion.

The applications that these pumps are suited are both domestic and industrial. What specific use you intend will determine which exact type of HM model you need. Though they are all horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps, the variation in power across the range is huge.

The datasheet which can be downloaded on the product pages will provide additional information on the exact specifications of each class. Sometimes, translating this in to a literal application can be tough without specialist knowledge.

If you are unsure about which will best suit your needs, then our expertise is always on hand. Feel free to call us to discuss your requirements. We can then find a pumping solution that is perfect for your needs. Though this might mean looking beyond Tough Guy to other sections of our online offering, at Pump Sales Direct we are always happy to help you find the right pump for you.