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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • World Water Day 2016: 5 ways to save on your water bill

    With World Water Day coming up on the 22nd March, we will celebrate the contributions that water makes to sustainable development, social well-being and growth. This year, acknowledge its importance with us at Pump Sales Direct by taking five effective steps to save money on your water bill.

    World Water Day 2016: 5 Ways to Save on Your Water Bill

    1. Switching from Rates to Metered

    Paying rates monthly depends on the value of your home and not how much water you use, so switching to a meter can have some advantages. Usually changing to a meter encourages homeowners to become more conservative and aware of the water they're using, but if you find yourself using more, you can always switch back within 12 months. Water companies will install your meter for free, so it's worth a try.


    2. The Little Things

    You would be surprised how much water is used from everyday tasks and unnoticed issues. Turn off your tap whilst you brush your teeth - if everybody in your house is brushing their teeth twice a day and leaving it on, that's 20 litres of wasted water. Fancy a cup of tea? Only boil the amount of water needed, and try to wash your dishes in the sink instead of a dishwasher, as this will use six litres compared to 35 litres. Don't forget to turn off all your taps and check your water meter. If it is ticking upwards, you know you have a leak.


    3. Freebies

    There are a wide variety of water-saving gadgets you can get from sources such as SaveWaterSaveMoney, from appliances to fit to your shower and 'save-a-flush' accessories to 'bath buoys' that save you litres of water every time you bathe your child. Check out some websites, enter your postcode and see what you're entitled to.


    4. Showers

    The average bath uses 80 litres of water, but showers only use 35 litres. So it makes sense to take a quick shower if you're really serious about massively cutting those costs down. Investing in a efficient shower pump will also make a difference to your water bill.


    5. Buckets Full

    If you love gardening, think twice before taking the hose to those flowers you've been tending to, as it uses 10 litres a minute. Most plants don't need water every day; in fact, this could be made a weekly task. If you want to be more efficient, collect rainwater in a water butt and use that instead.


    On average, each person uses around 150 litres (or 270 pints) a day, so applying some of these simple changes could save you money on next month's bill.

  • Grundfos Pumps takes home United Nations Momentum Award

    Leading  manufacturer Grundfos Pumps recently had cause to celebrate after it scooped a prestigious award for its efforts to tackle some of the challenges caused by global climate change.

    Grundfos Pumps Takes Home United Nations Momentum Award Grundfos Pumps Takes Home United Nations Momentum Award


    United Nations Climate Change

    The industry accolade was gained at a recent United Nations Climate Change event, where Grundfos won one of the six awards in the ICT category of the Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity Award for its Lifelink water supply system.


    The Lifelink water supply system was created to provide developing countries with a clean and constant supply of water. Countries in the Western world often take fresh tap water for granted, but many poorer countries do not get the vital quality standards and levels of water that they need to live a healthy and sustainable life.


    Grundfos Pumps take home ICT Award

    Grundfos got the ICT award in recognition of its efforts to integrate technology to establish a clean, continuous and sustainable water supply in remote villages and communities in African countries such as Kenya and Uganda. Its automated pump system gives communities the chance to access water supplies for a small fee. Payments are made using mobile phones, which also helps to cover servicing and repair work.


    The leading pump manufacturer believes the water system is sustainable because it provides an affordable and long-term solution for those communities that need access to water supplies. In many cases, communities will have paid for the systems within five years but can continue to pay a small fee to cover the cost of service charges. If there is ever a problem with the system, which can be accessed over the internet, a local Lifelink service department can quickly get it up and running again.


    Improving the quality of life for people

    There were 16 winners at the prestigious United Nations awards ceremony, with more than 450 initiatives battling it out to gain recognition for their merits. Grundfos believes that winning this award clearly shows how important it is to design creative and durable solutions that improve the quality of life for people in poorer countries. These can also help to tackle the many challenges that exist from global climate change.


    It is not just in Africa where these sustainable water supply solutions have been implemented. The pump firm has recently established water supply products in India. The AQtap solution supplies water by payment under the control of a water utility, whilst AQpure effectively treats river and surface water to bring it to drinking quality standards.


  • 5 plumbing blogs to follow in 2016

    When you are gearing up to start a plumbing project, it really can help to get some tips from the pros to get you through. The internet is positively packed with plumbing blogs, so we’ve done the hard work for you and selected five of the most helpful.

    Plumbing blogs

    Plumbing blogs to follow..


    1. DIY Doctor

    Fret not, as the DIY Doctor is ready to prescribe everything you need to complete a successful plumbing project. This is another highly informative, well-written and easy-to-navigate site, with stacks of information pertaining to practically every aspect of the plumbing process. As a bonus, plenty of other typical subjects are tackled from common central heating problems to kitchen lighting, meaning it becomes the go-to blog for many keen DIYers.



    2. The Family Handyman

    Thank goodness for the Family Handyman blog - that’s all we can say! This is one of those blogs that ticks all the boxes for anyone who needs a helping hand with anything of a DIY nature, and its section on plumbing is extremely detailed and easy to follow, even for the most inexperienced of handymen.



    3. DIY Fix It

    DIY Fix It is, as the name suggests, a general DIY blog, but it has a standout plumbing section that covers just about everything the amateur could ever wish to know. It offers tips and tricks on a huge range of common issues, including trouble-shooting common problems, dealing with different types of water supply, recommended products and much more. If you are embarking on a challenging plumbing project, this is a must-read blog that you will return to time and time again.



    4. Do It Yourself

    Do It Yourself is so much more than a plumbing blog. From plumbing to gardening to home improvement, Do It Yourself have got you covered. This is a great site to dip in and out of as your project evolves, and you are sure to find some helpful snippets of information that will help you to bring your project to a brilliant conclusion.



    5. Rick’s Plumbing Blog

    Rick, a plumbing expert based in the USA (Connecticut to be precise), keeps his entertaining blog well updated with new advice and other plumbing titbits. The blog is UK-friendly, and Rick’s tips and tricks should help you overcome any difficulties that crop up as you navigate your pet plumbing project.



    Are you planning a spot of plumbing? Check out the extensive range of pumps available at Pump Sales Direct.

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