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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • 6 of the world's wildest water slides

    The thrill of an exceptional water slide is hard to beat. The dizzying heights and speeds you reach with only your own body to protect you requires nerves of steel. But the sense of relief, accomplishment, and adrenaline at the other side can leave you longing for more. Water parks can be fun for all the family, but the most terrifying water slides in the world are strictly for the brave alone. From Europe to the United States, a water slide can be the crowning glory of an amusement park or water attraction. Browse the list below and plan the next one to tick off the list, if you dare.


    1. The Scorpion’s Tail, Wisconsin

    Water slides from around the world

    This lethally named ride at Noah's Ark Waterpark sees the ground vanish beneath your feet. A ten story drop takes only a few seconds and is matched in ferocity by a dizzying 400-foot loop. The clear capsule of the ride allows you to marvel as the outside world becomes a blur.


    2. The Verrückt, Kansas City

    Water slides from around the world

    Recognised as a world record holder for its height of a staggering 168 feet and 7 inches, Kansas City's Verrückt water slide has a dedicated following of fans. Fascinated viewers from all over the world have made YouTube videos of the Verrückt go viral. Thousands of views and thousands of adrenaline-seeking riders have catapulted this impressive ride to stardom.


    3. Jumeriah Sceirah, Dubai

    Water slides from around the world

    Dubai is world famous for its glamour and sophistication. This city takes no half measures, and its water slides are no different. This unique and exhilarating tandem slide reaches speeds of around 50 miles per hour and completes its powerful ride in mere seconds. Perfect to shake off the effects of a lazy day in the Dubai sun.


    4. Brain Wash, Florida

    Water slides from around the world

    As close to a modern art installation as a water slide can get, Florida's Wet ’n’ Wild Water Park features the Brain Wash. This ride is a memorable and contemporary water slide that also enriches the experience with lights, videos, and sounds for the rider. This funnel flume can reach astonishing speeds and remains a "must see" in the area.


    5. Leap of Faith, Bahamas

    Water slides from around the world

    The Bahamas attracts a wide range of visitors, all seeking their own piece of paradise. But this strikingly beautiful place offers more than blissful relaxation. Atlantis Paradise Island is home to the Leap of Faith, a 60-foot drop that plunges riders into a safety tank in a shark-infested lagoon! It's an unforgettable experience and a powerful contrast to the laid-back beach life of the Bahamas.


    6. Aqualoop, Slovenia

    Water slides from around the world

    The Aqualoop of the Terme 3000 Adventure Pool Complex boasts the honour of having been the first slide in the world to include a gravity-defying 360 degree loop. Many water slide fanatics make their "pilgrimage" here to experience the birth of the now popular total loop.


    Are you planning a trip any time soon? Make it memorable and exhilarating with the addition of a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Water slides may only be seconds long, but they can leave a lasting impression on the senses and add an unbeatable edge to a trip. From the team here at Pump Sales Direct, we hope this list inspires you to take the plunge!

  • Top technological advances in the plumbing world

    The pace of technological developments seems to increase every year, and this is just as true in the world of plumbing technology. Recent advances have the potential to keep our homes and businesses more sanitary and reduce our impact on the environment, alongside making our kitchens and bathrooms much more comfortable. Advances include touch-free automatic taps and toilet flushes, energy-efficient electrical fixtures, smart irrigation systems and grey water pump systems, all of which can deliver savings, hygiene and sustainability improvements.

    grey water pump

    Water usage reduction

    The latest technologies in dishwashers and washing machines allow the machines to reuse rinse water later in the cycle. This function can reduce annual water usage by over 3,000 litres - not only could this help alleviate the environmental impact of these appliances but also could cut your water bill.

    Seeking a device with this functionality is a better idea than using half-load programmes - while these use less water than the normal cycle, they won’t cut your water usage in half. Rather, to make a real difference to your bank account and to the environment, wait until you have a full load and use the water-saving function.


    Grey water pump systems

    Working on a similar operating principle to the water usage reduction function described above, grey water pump systems can provide further savings in the form of both money and water. Grey water pump systems capture and store waste water from sources in the home such as sinks, baths, dishwashers and showers. They then pump this ‘grey’ water back into your toilet, washing machine and external taps for re-use in suitable applications.

    While most commonly found in commercial settings with high volumes of water being used, such as hotels and universities, there is no reason why homeowners should not also benefit from this technology. Some grey water systems can deliver decreases in water consumption of up to 50 per cent, providing potential savings too large to be ignored.


    Touch-free toilet facilities

    Mainly intended to improve hygiene, but additionally providing a more comfortable bathroom experience, toilets, sinks and soap dispensers featuring infrared sensors allow users to have no physical hand-to-surface contact with bathroom facilities. The latest touch-free toilets not only flush with the wave of a hand but can also lower and raise their seats and lids with nothing more than a gesture on your part.

    The most sensible applications for such devices are in areas with high volumes of traffic, such as commercial settings or public buildings; however, homeowners seeking increased comfort and feeling particularly committed to the highest sanitary conditions also stand to benefit.


    Water-saving showers and taps

    When you have installed a grey water system and have the latest water-usage reducing appliances, what other advances has the world of plumbing got to offer?

    The most modern water outlet technologies work to reduce water usage without compromising an inch on luxury. Showers can constitute one of the largest sources of water use and wastage; however, low-flow shower heads can drastically cut the volume of water used per minute, providing homeowners with the ability to save money on utility bills. Those who really enjoy showers could even shower for longer with no additional effect on their bills or the environment.

    Shop our grey water systems today and join the technological advances of the plumbing world.


  • 10 golden energy-saving rules for kids

    Kids are naturally keen learners and full of questions, and as parents and teachers, there are plenty of ways in which we can help them to learn more about looking after our environment. After all, the tricks they learn now will stand them in great stead when they are tomorrow's bill payers.

    shower pump

    1. Switch Off Lights

    The holy grail of home energy saving - switch things off properly when you aren't using them, including lights, the TV, computers, video consoles and other appliances. Don't leave things on standby, particularly things such as chargers which are plugged into a plug but not into an appliance.

    2. Using Energy-Efficient Shower Pump Options

    There is a shower pump for every household need, and if you are looking to save energy at home, then an eco-friendly shower pump could be the option for you. Look too for a shower head that provides a rain-like spray with all the volume of a power shower but with less water and energy needed.

    3. Turn the Thermostat Down

    Show your kids how to set the thermostat, turning it down a notch or two in winter and up a notch or two in summer. Adjust clothing, windows and activity to compensate, and you'll save a great deal of energy and money.

    4. Close Fridge Doors

    A third of the cold air within a fridge escapes when you open it, and the fridge then needs to work harder to produce more. Keep the door closed as much as possible. Don't over-fill the fridge, but keep the freezer well packed so that it runs efficiently.

    5. Update Bulbs

    Use new fluro bulbs when old ones blow - these last ten times as long and use 75% less energy than older models. See if your energy company offers any free or cut-price light bulbs as part of their energy-saving programme.

    6. Use a Cooler Washing Machine Setting

    Show your kids how the washing machine settings can be adjusted, explaining that lower temperatures can remove stains as well as hot temperatures with modern cleaning products. This saves energy and money.

    7. Grow Your Own

    Begin to be a little self sufficient to cut down on food miles. Try growing herbs or salad leaves. These are easy, tasty and fun for all the family. You can progress to grow tomatoes, berries, spinach and more and even consider having hens for your own eggs. Giving a child their own vegetable patch to be responsible for has great educational benefits and is also a bonding activity to do with their parents.

    8. Shorter Showers

    A bath can take 25 gallons of hot water, and a quick shower uses around seven. It's a no-brainer. Install a shower timer if you have teenagers that take forever, and set the shower to run for a couple of minutes. That will keep things short.

    9. Fix Dripping Taps

    A constantly dripping tap can waste around 165 gallons of water every month - more than the average adult consumption in a fortnight. Show your child how to replace the washer so that they learn a valuable skill.

    10. Adjust Curtains

    Cool the house on a hot day by shutting curtains to block direct sunlight. On colder days, use curtains to keep in warmth. Heat-reflecting panels for radiators will also keep the heat inside the home.

    FUN CHALLENGE: Why not choose an energy tariff with a smart meter so that you and your kids can track your energy and make it into a family challenge? Set yourself a reduction challenge, get the family to pitch in and help and reward yourselves with a great treat if you succeed - maybe a trip out or a special meal and film.

    Essentially, you are looking to engage your children in the topic of energy-efficiency and get their ideas and energy behind the project. You'll be amazed at how passionate about environmental issues young people can be. Support them and the whole family will reap the benefits - a lower carbon footprint, lower bills and the knowledge that your children are learning vital skills that will stand them in good stead in their future adult lives.

    To start your energy-saving challenge visit our online store today.

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