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Monthly Archives: October 2016

  • How to choose the right sump pump

    sump pumpsConverting basements and cellars into living space has become increasingly popular in recent years. But for them to be usable, it’s important that they stay dry throughout the year. In most cases this means installing sump pumps.

    Many basements use a system that allows water to drain into a basin or sump. A sump pump, as its name suggests, is used to remove this water safely to outside the property. But all sump pumps are not the same: there are various different types, and it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.


    Types of pumps

    There are two main types of sump pump. Pedestal pumps are designed so that there’s an impeller at the base to draw the water up, but the top part of the pump body is designed to stand clear of the water. Submersible pumps, on the other hand, are designed to operate completely underwater. These are generally quieter in operation and more efficient than pedestal pumps.

    A third type of sump pump you may encounter is the effluent pump. These are designed to remove wastewater from sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, showers and so on. They can handle solids up to half an inch in diameter and should be clearly marked “effluent pump”.


    Selecting a sump pump

    If you’re replacing a pump, a good place to start is by looking at the old installation. The size of the sump and the diameter of the discharge pipe will determine the size of pump you need. A look at the existing pump will give you useful information too, as there will be a spec label telling you the horsepower. Unless your pump is struggling to cope, there’s usually no reason to move up to a more powerful model.

    If you have a pedestal pump, then this may be a good time to think about switching to a submersible version. Not only are these quieter and more efficient, as we said above, but they are longer-lasting and make for a neater installation as they’re totally contained within the sump.

    The next thing to consider is the float switch type. Again, there are two types. Tethered switch types need a minimum sump diameter of 14 inches. As water enters the sump, the switch floats up at an angle to activate the switch. The other type is the vertical switch pump - these can be used in smaller 10-inch diameter sumps. With this type, the float to activate the switch moves straight up to turn on the pump.

    To protect your home from the risk of flooding, it may be worth having a back-up system. These are run from a battery so that in the event of mains power failure the water from the sump still gets pumped out. A back-up pump also helps protect against heavy rain that could overwhelm your normal system.

    Choose a good-quality sump pump from us and ensure a long life make sure it’s backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

  • How to replace a central heating pump

    central heating pumpIn any ‘wet’ central heating system, it’s the circulation pump that is one of the most likely components to fail. This is hardly surprising, as a central heating pump works pretty hard. When your pump needs replacing, you may be tempted to call a plumber, but in fact it’s a fairly easy job to do yourself. Here’s how to know if your pump needs changing.

    First of all, you need the right tools for the job. You’ll need a couple of adjustable spanners, an electrical screwdriver and a paint-roller tray and some cloths to catch any spillages and drips. Next, make sure you get the right type of replacement pump. You’ll find a wide range on Pump Sales Direct, and there will be a label on your old pump that will help you determine the type you need.


    Changing the central heating pump

    1. When you’ve got together all that you need, you’re ready to start changing the pump. Begin by disconnecting the pump’s electricity supply. There’ll usually be an isolator switch allowing you to turn off the supply to the system. With this safely off, you can remove the cover to the pump’s electrical connections; make a note - or take a photo - of where the wires go before you disconnect them.

    2. In most modern heating systems there will be isolator valves above and below the pump, allowing you to turn off the water supply. Close both of these by turning them clockwise; you can then unscrew the connections holding the pump in place - make sure you don’t disturb the connections that attach the isolator valves to the rest of the pipework. Use your paint tray to catch any water that’s released.

    3. With both connections undone, you can remove the old pump and any washers. The washers can be reused if you must, but it’s best to replace them with new ones to prevent future problems. Put the new pump and washers in position and do up the connections. Make them finger-tight to start with to ensure you haven’t damaged the threads, and then tighten them up with your adjustable spanners. Make sure not to over-tighten.

    4. You can now reopen the isolator valves, checking for any leaks as you do so. Check that the electrical connection box is completely dry and re-attach the connections - refer to the sketch or photo you made at the start.


    Restarting the system

    Now you can test the system. Switch the power back on and turn up the room thermostat to kick the heating into life. You should be able to hear the new pump turning when the system is on. Changing the pump is likely to have introduced some air into the system, and there will be a bleed screw on the pump itself to allow you to get rid of this.

    Open the bleed screw gently and you should hear hissing as the air escapes. Keep a tray or cloth handy to catch any dribbles. When the hissing sound stops and you see some water, you can close the valve. It’s also a good idea to bleed the radiators at this point to ensure no air has been introduced into the system.
    That’s all there is too it - your new pump should now be running and your heating operating properly again. Shop your replacement central heating pump

  • Grundfos release new Grundfos Alpha 3 range

    Grundfos AlphaPump Sales Direct is excited to announce the release of the new Grundfos Alpha 3 range. This fantastic new addition to the Grundfos range of high-quality and energy-efficient pumps will be available soon directly from our website.

    The Grundfos Alpha 3: Redefining the domestic circulator

    Smart and robust, the new Grundfos Alpha 3 redefines what a domestic circulator can do, raising the bar for reliability and efficiency, even in the toughest system. This is the ideal circulator for the energy-efficient household, with a range of clever built-in features that conserve energy and reduce heating bills.

    Thanks to an energy-efficiency index of just 0.15, the Alpha 3 is the class leader when it comes to energy-efficient circulators. By constantly analysing the pattern of energy use, it will power down to just 3W when demand is low - a stunning 87% energy saving over regular pumps.

    The Alpha 3 and Alpha Reader: Smart energy efficiency

    By combining the Alpha 3 with the Alpha Reader smart device, Grundfos have developed pump technology that goes further and does more. The Alpha Reader reads data from the pump via a light sensor and communicates it by Bluetooth directly to the innovative Grundfos Go App. The installer can then follow a series of straightforward steps to hydronically balance the heating system.

    The app does all the complex calculations so the installer doesn’t have to, directing them through four easy steps to rebalance the system. A class apart from other market solutions, the GO app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and saves both the installer and the homeowner time and money.

    A correctly balanced radiator based or underfloor heating system can generate savings of anywhere up to 20% on the average domestic heating bill. Other benefits of hydronic balancing include less noise in the system and a lower return temperature. And when the installation is complete, the Alpha Reader is easily portable and can be taken to the next installation job.

    Features and benefits of the Alpha 3

    The Alpha 3 has all the quality and reliability that Grundfos pumps are known for. It can be used with one or two pipe systems, underfloor heating systems and those with constant and varying flow. The Alpha Reader is suitable for use with the Alpha 3 in two pipe radiator systems.

    Durable and efficient, the Alpha 3 is a big leap forward in domestic circulator pump technology.

    Pump Sales Direct and Grundfos

    Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, with over 16 million units produced annually. Both innovative and sustainable in its philosophy, Grundfos is a global market leader in advanced pump solutions.

    At Pump Sales Direct we’re pleased to be able to offer the entire Grundfos range, including the brand new Grundfos Alpha 3 coming soon. These industry-leading domestic circulators are EuP compliant and highly energy-efficient and feature pioneering permanent magnetic motor technology. We offer a cost-effective, fast and efficient service, making us the ideal one-stop solution for domestic and industrial pumps.

  • GM Treble become sole UK distributor of Gusher Pumps

    Pump Sales Direct - GM TreblePump Sales Direct is pleased to announce that our key supplier, GM Treble, is now the sole distributor for Gusher Pumps in the UK. As manufacturers of a diverse range of pumps, including close-coupled, end suction centrifugal, immersion, self-priming pumps and multi-stage, Gusher offers flexible and innovative solutions for a wide variety of installations. Pump Sales Direct will soon be able to offer Gusher’s high-quality pumps directly to our customers.


    About the brands

    Gusher manufactures units for DIN specifications, machine tool and centralised coolant systems, ANSI specifications, automatic paint systems, filtration systems, industrial spray washers, phosphate and bonderizing lines offering complete pumping solutions for a range of commercial applications. This partnership will strengthen GM Treble’s pump offering and widen Gusher’s UK supply network. As our chief suppliers, the ability to offer Gusher’s robust and reliable pumps to our customers will strengthen our commercial pump range.

    GM Treble

    Like Gusher Pumps, GM Treble has fifty years of experience in the business and is focused on client satisfaction in heating, water supply, process and waste-water applications. Both companies share extensive technical knowledge and core values - putting the customer’s needs at the heart of their business to offer problem-solving solutions that work. 

    One of the key’s to GM Treble’s success has been their commitment to supplying the very best equipment from the very best manufacturers. The new partnership with Gusher Pumps cements GM Treble’s position as a one-stop shop for pumping solutions, a benefit that we can now pass directly to our customers.

    Our service

    We offer a cost-effective, fast and efficient method for customers to find the right pump for their needs, and that service will be immeasurably strengthened by the GM Treble/Gusher Pumps announcement. It also further strengthens our market position and our ability to provide a wide range of pump technology solutions to our customers.

    Gusher Pumps already has a strong global reach thanks to manufacturing plants in the UK, Germany and Japan, and the deal with GM Treble will strengthen their supply distribution operations further. Like Gusher, GM Treble is a family company that offers a high-quality service with well-deserved reputation for technical expertise. Partnering with Gusher will ensure that GM Treble’s customers continue to enjoy the benefits of fast delivery and full stock availability, and those are benefits that we can then pass on to our client base.

    GM Treble has a reputation for understanding pumps and systems that is acknowledged industry-wide, and they now have commercial leadership within the UK. Our customers can now enjoy an expanded product range, secure in the knowledge that, through our newly enhanced supply chain, we can supply exactly the right pump for any domestic or commercial installation. We welcome the news that GM Treble will be the sole UK distributor of Gusher Pumps. Not only do both companies enjoy a solid reputation, but we will now be in a position to ensure that our customers directly benefit in terms of the quality and service we can offer them.


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