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Monthly Archives: August 2018

  • Manufacturer spotlight: KSB pumps

    ksb pumps uk

    At Pump Sales Direct, we are proud to stock products from not only the nation’s leading pump manufacturers, but the world’s. KSB, a German supplier of pumps, valves and related services, has proved itself capable of separating itself even from the most well-known and globally renowned manufacturers. To illustrate how KSB have managed to do this, focusing on the quality and diversity of their products, as well as a little bit about the company’s values and history, we have put together this hopefully illuminating and educational piece.


    KSB started life as a manufacturer of boiler feed equipment and valves in 1871. A German inventor named Johannes Klein founded the company with Friedrich Schanzlin and Jakob Becker. In 1887, it became a public limited company. Just nine years later, the UK became KSB’s first subsidiary outside of Germany, marking the start of KSB’s long and continued success in the British Isles. Having been built on the back of the reliability and durability of their UNA pumps, KSB expanded their product range in 1903 to include centrifugal pumps and drainage pumps, both of which remain key offerings to this day. The next 115 years of KSB’s story are characterised by continued innovation and expansion into all four corners of the globe.

    Corporate responsibility

    The environmental situation gets progressively worse day by day, making it increasingly important to mount a genuine effort to halt its advance. In the pumps industry, where slight tweaks in a pump’s technological make-up can amount to massive reductions in the amount of energy consumed, it is paramount to strive for optimally energy efficient products.

    Thankfully, KSB’s values are allied with our own. They are committed to working in conjunction with the Kyoto Protocol to limit their contributions to climate change. They are forever scrutinising their products, technologies and work processes for hints of excess. Wherever possible, they have streamlined these bloated constituents to require as few raw materials as possible and to consume as little energy as possible.


    The success of any manufacturer is of course predicated on the quality of their products - and KSB is no exception to this rule. Their Etanorm pumps stand out as being the most obvious example of their success. The world’s bestselling standardised water pump, the Etanorm has sold well over 1.5 million units worldwide - a truly staggering number. The Etanorm isn’t even considered the centrepiece of the KSB pumps offering. Instead, their centrifugal pumps are considered KSB’s focal point. What remains true, regardless of the type of product, is that the quality remains the same. You can find an extensive range of KSB pumps UK on our website.

    If you have any questions or queries about any of our products, KSB or otherwise, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. You can do so by email or phone, and they will be more than happy to help you secure the product you need.



  • Common sump pump problems

    sump pumps Ebara sump pump

    Sump pumps are one of our bestselling products. Essentially an anti-flooding mechanism, sump pumps are as important as any appliance in your home. With such a crucially important role to play, an underperforming sump pump is a genuine concern.  Uncovering the issue that is preventing your sump pump from working at maximum capacity can be extremely tricky. Is your sump pump clogged or is it simply a mismatch for your pumping requirements? To help you decipher these questions and ensure the continued safety of your home, we have delved into some of the most common sump pump problems and how you can fix them.

    Overwhelmed sump pump

    An overwhelmed sump pump spells disaster for you and your home. If the rate and volume of water it is expected to dispose of exceeds the rate and volume of water it is actually capable of handling, your home will quickly succumb to flooding. Every sump pump has a maximum rate it is capable of working at. To rectify this issue, take care to ensure the rate at which your sump pump works complies with the volume of water it is expected to deal with.

    Clogged sump pump

    A clogged sump pump can only be caused by two things. The first and most likely cause is simply delegating a sump pump with a task beyond its abilities. Every sump pump is limited by its ability to handle fluids containing a certain size particle. The ABS Robusta 200 for example, is capable of handling fluids containing particles no bigger than 10mm. To prevent clogging, you should make sure that the fluid have tasked your sump pump with handling isn’t rife particles that are too big for it to handle.

    Manual vs automatic

    The importance of opting for an automatic sump pump cannot be overstated. With a sensor capable of detecting a rise in water levels and autonomously setting an appropriate response in motion, automatic sump pumps are invulnerable to the unpredictability that can render a manual sump pump ineffective. Sump pumps are, after all, installed to remove water that accumulates in sump pits. These sump pits are invariably located in the basement of the home - not exactly a place where you would spend the majority of your time - leaving it isolated and impractical for regular manual operation. With an automatic sump pump, you can rest assured that the build-up of water will be halted - and all without any assistance or intervention required on your part.

    If you have had the misfortune of experiencing one of these issues, hopefully you can come away from reading this article with the knowledge to put it right. The role of a sump pump is critical to the everyday functioning of your home. Without it, the consequences are dire - your home and possessions can be irreparably ruined. You will find only the best submersible sump pumps at Pump Sales Direct. We are more than happy to field any questions you may have too, we are committed to ensuring every product matches your pumping requirements perfectly.

  • Why Grundfos pumps are an industry leader

    Few pumps manufacturers have distinguished themselves so definitively from Grundfos Pumpsthe rest of their contemporaries as Grundfos. The Danish manufacturer set up shop under the slightly more unwieldy moniker of Bjerringbro Die-Casting Foundry and Machine Factory in 1945, and ran through a series of names before finally settling on Grundfos in 1967. Throughout its decades of operation, Grundfos has been able to maintain its reputation as an industry leader, but how? Is it their ability to innovate? Is it the infallible quality of their products? Or is it simply the prestige their storied history lends their pumps? We are of the opinion that all of these factors - amongst many others - are helpful in explaining the esteemed status Grundfos holds today.


    To this day, Grundfos takes its commitment to pioneering new pumping technologies very seriously. The Grundfos Lifelink project is a reflection of this commitment. A plan to improve water infrastructure in the developing world, Grundfos Lifelink leverages mobile connectivity to improve reliability for both water service companies and end-users. The project has been a great success thus far and Grundfos’ foresight to integrate innovative mobile connectivity into the supply of water has been revolutionary.


    The name Grundfos has always been synonymous with quality. Even some of the very first pumps Grundfos created were incredibly well-received - noted both for their durability and their efficiency. Grundfos haven’t shied away from this tradition either; they have continued to put out products of exceptional calibre year after year. As a stockist of a great many of their products, we are more than well positioned to verify this. From Grundfos home boosters to Grundfos central heating pumps, a tremendous quality permeates from every product that bares their insignia.

    Corporate responsibility

    Admittedly, the size of Grundfos - and the scale of the resources they have at their disposal - puts them in the unique position of being able to take their corporate responsibilities seriously. Nevertheless, they have been able to put the resources they have committed to this task to exceptionally good use. On their website, Grundfos divide this responsibility into two distinct camps - a promise to their customers and a promise to society as a whole. For their customers, Grundfos promise to continue to innovate. For society as a whole, Grundfos are dedicated to minimising their environmental footprint and seeking sustainable solutions wherever possible. This awareness of a duty that goes beyond their shareholders distinguishes Grundfos from other manufacturers in their field, and is a contributing factor in their continued success.

    Aside from the rest of their attributes, quality will always be a priority for customers and it is ultimately what makes Grundfos such an undeniably huge success and one of our bestselling manufacturers. You will find an extensive range of affordably priced Grundfos pumps on our website. If you have any questions or queries about any of these products - whether it is something that seems unfathomably complex or incredibly simple - please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team to double check.

  • The Energy Using Products Directive: What you need to know

    Burning fossil fuels has taken a constant toll on the environment. Soaring temperatures, rising sea levels and increasingly adverse weather conditions are all indicators that ever worsening conditions are edging nearing than ever to breaking point. Bad enough to compel a response from the governing bodies. Not just on a regional or national level, but on an international level.

    Arriving amidst a flurry of new regulations and restrictions from the European Union was something called the ‘Energy Using Products Directive.’ All of our pumps have to align with the rules set out in the directive and you’ll see a smattering of products on our website labelled with energy ratings because of it. To walk you through its implications, so you won’t come unstuck browsing our site, we have put together this guide to the Energy Using Products Directive and the European Union energy labelling system.

    What is the Energy Using Products Directive and how has it changed over the years?

    The Energy Using Products Directive first came into effect in 2007. In its latest iteration, the Energy Related Products Directive, which came into effect in 2009, the regulations were reconsidered and redefined. Where the EUP only affected products that used energy directly, the ERP affects products that even indirectly have a say in energy use. From 2009 then, the likes of our central heating pumps came under its influence, leading to a host of changes. Revisions to the directive are ongoing too - in 2012, incandescent light bulbs were banned.

    What is the aim of the ERP?

    The overarching aim of the European Ecodesign directive (ERP) is to improve the energy efficiency of products that come under its influence. By doing so, they also hope to reduce the use of hazardous substances and increase the ease of recycling. This target has been simplified into the oft-repeated 20-20-20 mantra. By the year 2020, the European Union aspires to have: improved energy efficiency by 20%, reduced carbon emissions by 20% and increased the share of renewable energy sources by 20%.

    How has it affected our products?

    The directives established by the European Union have had an effect on our products. Central heating pumps are one such example. To align with the new regulations instituted by the directives, our central heating pumps are labelled with an energy rating, which gives the consumer an indication of how energy efficient each product us. With the energy rating so visible, it puts the onus on the manufacturers to design and put out products that are better for the environment. On our website, you’ll see a range of central heating pumps sporting an A energy efficiency rating. Efficiency is important if we are to create a sustainable future for the environment and we are delighted to stock the products of manufacturers with an environmental conscience.

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