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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  • Manufacturer spotlight: Lowara pumps

    Our manufacturer spotlight series attempts to draw attention to the variety of lowara pumpsmanufacturers whose products we stock. Without exception, our manufacturers have a proud history of: innovation, exceptional quality products and a genuine desire to help resolve customers’ pumps-related problems effectively, efficiently and affordably. By running this series, we hope to bring some much-warranted attention to our manufacturers, especially those that our customers may not be too familiar with. The latest to benefit from this series is Lowara pumps - an Italian company with a stellar reputation for providing long term economical solutions for pumping and circulating clean or contaminated water.


    This year, Lowara celebrated its 50th birthday. Five decades of operation is an extremely impressive achievement for any company, made even more impressive by Lowara’s continued growth and expansion. Their on-going relevancy is testament to their continued commitment to creating products of unrivalled quality.

    In 2008, Lowara played an instrumental role in preserving history. By providing Lisbon’s Museum of the Orient with a comprehensive range of FC close-coupled in-line centrifugal circulating pumps, they shouldered responsibility for controlling the climate of a space which is home to thousands of artifacts that trace the presence of the Portuguese in Asia over the past five centuries. With exceptional efficiency and reliability, Lowara’s HVAC solution will play an integral role in preserving the artifacts for many years to come.


    Lowara’s focus is on providing long-term, economical solutions and, as such, all of their products can be characterised as robust and durable. Efficiency is important to Lowara and they aim to create impeccable pumping solutions with a low life cycle cost, which means products that are efficient, easy to install and have a long service life.


    Xylem creates products that are fit for a range of industries, from commercial building services to agriculture and aquaculture, to the mining, oil and gas industries. At Pump Sales Direct, we stock a range of their highest quality products. Compact and versatile, their DOC series of pumps are high performing drainage pumps suitable for emptying sump pits and rainwater tanks. The DOC pumps vary by their ability to handle solids of differing sizes and we can help partner you with a pump that is perfect for your needs. The DIWA series can be used in situations where water may have become contaminated; the DOMO series is ideal for dirty water. We also stock the CAM range of Lowara centrifugal pumps.

    We have a healthy relationship with Xylem and Lowara pumps UK, and if there is a Lowara product that you wish you could purchase from us - a Lowara pressure vessel, a submersible pump or a centrifugal pump - just get in touch. We are more than happy to source whatever product you require.

  • Special offers

    For a broad range of domestic and commercial pumping problems, we always strive to create affordable solutions. We like to think that all of our pumps are reasonably priced, but with our clearance products, this is particularly true. There are phenomenally priced products on offer. Some, like this Grundfos home booster packaged pumping system, have been slashed by as much as 60% - an incredible saving. The clearance section is a treasure trove of fantastic products and, with this post; we are aiming to shine a light on some of the hidden gems.

    Grundfos home booster grundfos home booster packaged system

    A packaged pumping system from Grundfos is an extremely effective way to boost a lacklustre mains water supply. It is purpose-built to rectify the problem of an existing mains water supply that is unable to meet the standard pressurised hot and cold water system demands. Constructed from high quality stainless steel, the pump works quietly and efficiently and is incredibly durable (with an impressively long working life). An oft-repeated critique of booster pumps is how noisy they are, and a quiet pump that works efficiently can be a rarity, which makes this particular packaged pumping system singularly effective. Included in the price is a palletised shipping cost of £50, as well as a two year warranty: how is that for value?

    Clarke submersible pumpclarke submersible water pump

    At just £42, this Clarke submersible water pump represents superb value for money. With a range of clean water uses, its versatility is an integral part of its appeal. Made from corrosion-proof materials, it is built to last too. So, it not only represents value for money in the short-term, but in the long-term too. It won’t deteriorate over time and in a few months or years down the line, it will be equally effective at draining water. An in-built float switch automatically controls the water level and overload protection and an anti-airlock valve guarantee the pump’s durability.

    Goliath submersible pumpgoliath super automatic submersible pump

    This automatic submersible pump from Goliath is equally versatile. Suitable for both domestic and industrial uses, it can power small water features, help remove water from cellars and basements, pump final effluent or even be used for marine applications. It is normally automatic but, upon request, it can be converted to manual if needed. Thanks to its stainless steel plate and fibre-reinforced plastic construction, the Goliath Super is as durable as it is versatile. These hardy materials make it completely resistant to corrosion.

    All three of these clearance products are of exceptional quality and are available at extremely affordable prices. There are only a few remaining in stock so you’ll have to be quick if you want to snap up one of these tremendous offers. If you have a question about the suitability of any of the products, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call, email or fill out this form and one of our team will contact you with answers to all of your questions.

  • New arrivals at Pump Sales Direct

    We deal with so many products from the pumps world, that sometimes, our newest (and most innovative products) can get lost in the deluge. Made by the world’s most highly rated manufacturers, they provide brand-new solutions to age old pumps-related problems. With the aim of introducing you to some exceptional products you might have missed out on, we have compiled this list that features three of our latest arrivals.

    Grundfos twin impeller regenerative showergrundfos shower pumps pump

    One of the most frequent criticisms of shower pumps is the sheer level of noise they produce. It is not, however, a complaint that can be justifiably levelled at the Grundfos Str2 Twin Impeller regenerative shower pump. Meticulously engineered, the pump head has been specifically designed to keep turbulence to an absolute minimum, leading to not only low noise levels but exceptional efficiency. Grundfos have always been at the vanguard of innovation in the pumps industry and the Str2 Twin Impeller is as stellar an example of their continued prowess as any. If you need to boost the flow of water to your shower, look no further than this fantastically efficient shower pump.

    Flotec compac 200 submersible drainagesubmersible drainage pumps pump

    True to its name, the Flotec Compac 200 is indeed a very compact model. Because of its integrated automatic floating switch, it fits all of the components of a submersible drainage pump into a model a fraction of their typical size. Thanks to its minute composition, it is ideal for scenarios where drainage is required but space is limited. It can help draw clean water from wells, basins and cisterns; it can help empty and dry flooded rooms; and it can drain both standing water and domestic waste water.

    ABS MF154 submersible hot water pumpwastewater pumps

    This light wastewater pump from ABS is robust and reliable. But its versatility is perhaps its biggest strength. It is designed to carry out a variety of internal and external dewatering applications, from the pumping of high temperature discharge water from washing machines, dishwashers and laundries, to the removal of rainwater from flooded cellars. Straightforward to install, its fittings make it simple to mount, and if needs be, if it can even freestand on its legs. The pump’s durability is sustained by a number of in-built features: thermal sensors protect the motor from overheating and the mechanical carbon seal wards off temperature shock.

    All three of these pumps are demonstrations of the latest developments in pumping technology. So, if you need a shower pump, a submersible drainage pump or a wastewater pump, look no further than the three products we have recommended above. If you are unsure of the suitability of a product, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who will walk you through the product’s specifications and help verify whether it meets your exact requirements.


  • Dealing with low water pressure: first steps

    No household is immune to low water pressure. With so many different moving parts involved - the water service providers, your home’s internal plumbing and your home’s appliances - it can be extremely difficult to, first of all, identify the offending component, and then, go about fixing it. Our guide to dealing with poor water pressure is designed to help you identify and fix the problem with ease.

    Check with water provider

    If the problem doesn’t appear immediately obvious, the most straightforward party to rule out is your water service provider. Simply head over to the website of your water service provider and type in your postcode; typically this will then give you a list of incidents in your vicinity. If this doesn’t clarify matters, you can pay a visit to your neighbour and ask them if their water pressure is at its usual level. If it is, you can rule out your water service provider as the culprit and move onto your internal plumbing as the most likely reason.

    Cold kitchen tap

    Main water supply normally enters the home through the cold water tap in the kitchen. If it comes out of here but not out of taps in the bathrooms, the fault lies with your internal plumbing.

    Frozen pipes

    In the colder temperatures of winter, frozen pipes represent a serious threat to the good working order of your home’s water supply and can very well cause low water pressure. Recognising that frozen pipes are to blame is quite simple - just check them for damage. If you do suspect that you have frozen pipes, you run the risk of collapsing your hot water cylinder if you switch on your hot water tap. For that reason, it is best to just run the cold water tap and wait for the pipe to thaw. We wouldn’t recommend applying a direct flame to the frozen pipe; it is best practice to use nothing more than a hairdryer and a heated towel to speed up the process.

    Stop valve

    Checking that your home’s stop valve is in the right position is another important step in identifying the cause of low water pressure. After work has been carried out by a water service provider, it isn’t uncommon for air or sediment to impede the flow of water behind the stop valve. Fortunately, there’s a quick fix for this. After turning on your cold water tap, toggle the stop valve between on and off a few times before leaving it in the on position. Normally, water will begin to splutter through the valve before it returns to working as usual.

    Lacklustre equipment

    Sometimes the blame for low water pressure can be attributed to the equipment in your home. If all of the other checks in this piece haven’t unearthed any evidence of wrongdoing, it may well be the case that you need a new piece of kit. If it’s your shower that is producing a lacklustre stream of water, you should seriously consider purchasing a shower pump. Inexpensive and easy to install, shower pumps boost the flow of water to your shower. Shower pumps will dramatically improve the flow of water through your shower.

    Water service providers, frozen pipes and stop valves are three of the most likely causes of poor water pressure and, after reading this guide, we hope you have a firm grasp of the different ways you can deal with it without outside help.

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