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Monthly Archives: December 2018

  • How to save money in 2019

    A New Year’s resolution is a verbal commitment to instituting real change in your life; but the reality is - far too many of us fail to follow through on this promise. The first few days of the New Year might see a determined effort to enact change but, a few weeks into January, what little resolve we were able to muster at the very start of the year has all but fizzled out.

    Unlike health-based resolutions, which are all too easy to neglect, a money-based resolution can be met by making a number of simple changes to your home. Saving money in 2019 doesn’t require a gargantuan effort. By making some changes to the equipment that heats your home and transports water around it, you can successfully save on your bills.

    Stuart Turner showermate

    stuart  turner showermate Stuart Turner showermate

    The tagline for the showermate encapsulates its appeal perfectly: ‘economy without compromise.’ For an extremely affordable price, you can get an efficient alternative to the vast majority of shower pumps available today. Compact and easy to install, the Stuart Turner Showermate isn’t just a solution to a weak shower, it is an affordable and efficient solution too. Stuart Turner has a reputation for innovation and the showermate is no exception.

    Central heating pumps

    By more efficiently directing hot water around your home - to your radiators, to your hot water taps, to your showers - circulating pumps can drastically reduce your heating bill. Our Grundfos central heating pumps are even certified by the EuP as ‘A’ rated. Reserved for only the most efficient and immaculately designed energy-using products, this accreditation really helps to distinguish Grundfos central heating pumps from the rest of the pack. Installing one in your own home is a sure-fire way to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating.

    Grey water recycling

    By repurposing water that would otherwise go to waste, grey water recycling represents an unmissable opportunity to cut down on the amount of water your home uses. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, greywater is any domestic wastewater that isn’t sewage; water that has been used in baths, sinks and washing machines yet remains relatively clean. Installing an ABS drainage pump is an effective way to collect this greywater and channel it into an area of your choosing, where the greywater can then be reused as you see fit.

    These three simple changes - installing a new piece of equipment in each instance - can positively affect your bank balance and help you fulfil your New Year’s resolution.

  • The Festive Season at Pump Sales Direct

    The festive season is well underway. To keep our customers in the loop with our schedule over Christmas and the New Year, and make a case for Pump Sales Direct being as good a place as any to do your Christmas shopping, we have put together this Christmas-themed blog post.

    While our products are worlds apart from the archetypal Christmas present you’d expect to see gift-wrapped under your tree, they certainly aren’t without merit. Practical, money-saving and capable of affecting real change in your daily routine, pumps are an overlooked Christmas present. While they aren’t exactly stocking fillers in the conventional sense, they are practical, money-saving in the long-term, and capable of positively affecting your everyday life.

    Shower Pumps

    Take shower pumps as an example. A properly working shower, with a more than adequate flow rate, can really make a difference to your daily routine. Showering is something that most people do on a daily basis, so why not ensure that it is as enjoyable an experience as possible? In keeping with the theme of sharing and inclusion that Christmas seems to embody, a shower pump isn’t just a gift for an individual; it is for everyone in your household. An improved shower experience is something that everyone profits from, not just one individual.

    iPod Shuffle

    If you aren’t sold on the idea of giving a pump as a Christmas present, we won’t shower pumpshold it against you. It would however, be remiss of us to fail to mention the iPod Shuffle that is included with all orders of Grundfos pumps that exceed £650 (excl. VAT). An iPod Shuffle is a decidedly more festive Christmas gift than an industrial pump! Grundfos are one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, and we are delighted to stock a comprehensive range of their products. Whichever of their products you are interested in, whether it is a home booster set to bolster the flow of water to your home’s appliances or a submersible borehole pump to extract water for use in agriculture,   you can rest assured that they are some of the best products on the market.

    If you have any uncertainties about your prospective gift, it is definitely worth giving us a call. By answering your questions and walking you through the specifications of the product being discussed, one of our team will quickly quell any anxieties and fears you might have about your intended purchase.


    Before you rush headlong into making a purchase, it is important to let you know about our delivery schedule over the festive period. As you’d expect, there are days where we aren’t operational: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day; and days where there aren’t any dispatches: New Year’s Eve. For the complete list of our operations over the festive period, follow this link.

  • What are drainage pumps used for?

    Drainage pumps come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share a common function: they are able to move water from one area to another. We stock drainage pumps from a variety of the world’s most highly regarded manufacturers - Calpeda, Grundfos and Lowara to name just a few. By discussing the most popular uses for drainage pumps, we hope to help our customers ascertain exactly which drainage pumps are (and are not) suitable for their needs.

    In homesdrainage pumps

    In a domestic capacity, drainage pumps are typically deployed as a flood defence. Compact and easy to install, this ABS submersible drainage pump is perfect for homes where space is at a premium. It can fit easily into any nook or cranny where water is collecting. Simply set it up in the area that is haemorrhaging water - usually a sump pit, cellar or basement - and watch as it whisks away water automatically and neutralises the threat of flooding for good.

    For those with the luxury of having an expansive garden area, complete with a pond, water feature or swimming pool, a submersible drainage pump is especially useful. When necessary, a drainage pump can quietly and efficiently rid your garden of water.

    In agriculture

    The success of agriculture is contingent on the ready availability of water, but in some cases, water is actually too readily available, which is where drainage pumps come in. But, in agriculture, it isn’t enough to just rid the land of water; given just how precious of a commodity water is, you need a piece of kit that is not only able to drain the water but redirect it into a place where it can be reused. Grundfos drainage pumps are robust, durable and can quickly and competently drain and redirect water for agricultural use.


    In industryebara dw range

    Industrial use of drainage pumps largely centres on wastewater treatment. Wastewater contains solids, and drainage pumps tasked with handling wastewater have to be equipped to handle that. The Ebara DW range of drainage pumps is especially effective. They are available in a range of specifications; as the number increases, so too does the pump’s ability to move increasingly large particulates. The DW range’s stainless steel composition makes it hardy and capable of adeptly fulfilling its role for years and years to come - making it a more than worthwhile investment.

    If you are still struggling to determine which drainage pump is best suited to your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can do so by phone or email, where you’ll be put through to one of our experts. They’ll be more than happy to help field any queries you may have and point you in the direction of a perfectly suited product.

  • Manufacturer spotlight: Ebara Pumps

    ebara pumps Ebara Best One

    In an effort to bring attention to manufacturers our customers may have overlooked, we have started producing this Spotlight series that dives into the history, values and products of some of our favourite manufacturers. In this week’s post, we are going to take a look at Ebara, a Japanese company that makes environmental and industrial machinery.


    Ebara was the brainchild of Issey Hatakeyama. It sprang to life in 1912 when he took the theory he had learnt from Dr Ariya Inokuchi at Tokyo Imperial University and put it into practice. Just seven years prior, Inokuchi had published ‘The Theory of Volute Pumps’, and had established himself as a global expert on the mechanism of centrifugal pumps. Inokuchi’s expertise quickly translated into commercial success; and in 1915, Ebara successfully handled an order for record-breaking sized volute pumps. Since then, the company has gone from strength-to-strength, earning a series of Japanese firsts (first axial flow pump, first centrifugal chiller and first rapid filter for city waterworks are just a few) and expanding operations both domestically and overseas.


    “Netsu to Makoto”, the Ebara mantra, roughly translates as ‘sincerity and enthusiasm’. It is plain to see how much this simple principle has guided Ebara’s success.

    Ebara channels its enthusiasm for pumps into a search for innovative, efficient technologies. The rate at which it manages to churn out genuinely new technologies is startling and is testament to the company’s unwavering determination to create the best possible products for consumers. Part of the reason for their success in this area is their willingness to collaborate. They understand that a stubbornly insular approach to research and development is destined to fail. They have instead partnered with universities, research institutes and subsidiaries in a quest to better their technology.

    Their sincerity as a company is demonstrated by their acknowledgement of their responsibility not just to their customers, but to society as a whole. As a manufacturer of pumps used in homes, industry and agriculture, they are cognizant of the environmental impact their products can have. To mitigate this, they take great care to prioritise the efficiency and reusability of their products.


    From residential areas to commercial enterprises, Ebara produce exceptional quality pumping products suitable for your every need. On our website alone, we stock Ebara submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps and domestic electric pumps.

    One of the standout products from the Tokyo-based manufacturer is the Ebara Best One. A stainless steel submersible pump that is incredibly versatile, it can be used to drain clear water quickly and quietly.

    We stock a diverse range of Ebara pumps in an array of sizes and specifications. It comes as no surprise then that many customers have questions regarding the products before they make a final decision to purchase. Whether your query concerns size, practicality or durability, please do not hesitate to get in touch. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be on hand to help.

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