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  • Three things to consider before buying a pump

    On our website, you’ll find an extensive range of products designed to capably perform in domestic, commercial and industrial scenarios. Whatever pump you’re looking for whether it’s a shower pump, a central heating pump or a sump pump – there are certain characteristics you should be looking for.

    In this post, we’ve summarised three vital things any pump you are considering purchasing should have.


    If you’re going to invest a sizeable amount of money into a pump, you want to be sure that you are going to get value for money. The last thing you need, after whittling down the list of potential options to just one, scouring the internet for the best possible price, and installing it correctly, is the pump breaking down.
    Ensuring that you select a product from a reputable manufacturer with a track
    record of designing and developing long-lasting products is essential.

    Durability is as important a quality as any to seek out in a pump. From leading manufacturers, you get assurances that certain standards are met, giving you peace of mind that, by purchasing a certain product, you have resolved a problem for the foreseeable future.

    Looking ahead, you can expect a high level of performance to be sustained.
    If a product does fail or break down, the consequences can be disastrous. The failure of a central heating pump, in particular, can be disastrous. Responsible for efficiently heating and distributing hot water throughout your home, the breakdown of a circulating pump can disturb everything from radiators to showers to taps.

    Diagnosing the exact issue with the pump can be tricky, and resolving the problem will more than likely require the costly assistance of a professional – underlining the importance of selecting a product that has some longevity.


    In our industry, we have a responsibility to develop products that are environmentally friendly. Manufacturers are more than aware of this responsibility and invest a massive amount of resources into refining their products in search of greater efficiency. All involved parties benefit from more efficient pumps. Manufacturers, consumers and the environment – and society at large – gain from more efficient pumps.


    Above all, you want a product that really works. Buying from highly-reputed manufacturers is the best way to guarantee a quality product. Manufacturers stake their reputation on the performance of their products and opting for a quality brand name is a sensible decision. One thing that rarely accompanies a stellar pump is noise. The best pumps go unnoticed. So, if you don’t want your everyday routine to be disturbed by the whirs and hums of a poorly designed shower pump, you need to spend a little extra.

    By keeping these three things in mind, you should feel better informed to make your next purchase.

    If, however, you’re still unsure of which product is best for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email or phone. A member of our team will take the time to understand your needs and guide you towards a solution that works.

  • How to get the most out of your shower

    There is nothing more annoying than a lackluster shower that dribbles and stutters when you are trying to get ready for work in the morning. However, there are plenty of options that can help to put some power back into your shower.

    Clean the showerhead

    If your shower is suffering from low water pressure, one of the first things you should do is take a look at the showerhead. Low water flow could be due to something as simple as a dirty or clogged up showerhead, in which case a good clean should rectify the situation. If this doesn't make much of a difference, consider fitting a new showerhead.

    Sometimes even kinks or areas of damage in the shower hose could be to blame for affecting water flow, so give the hose a thorough inspection and replace it if necessary.

    If the showerhead or the shower hose are both in good working order, then it is also worth double-checking that the mains stopcock is fully open, particularly if you have recently had plumbing work carried out. The stopcock is usually located under the kitchen sink. Even if it is partially closed, this can have a significant impact on water flow which could limit the power you experience in the shower.

    Purchase a shower pump

    Shower pumps are an effective option for increasing water flow to your shower. They can easily be installed if you have some DIY knowledge or with the assistance of a plumber. Shower pumps can boost hot, cold or both feeds and are automatically activated when the shower is turned on. Water travelling through the system passes through the shower pump, where an impeller then increases the pressure of the water before it gets to the shower.

    A home booster pump, such as the Grundfos home booster, may be worth considering if you want to boost the water pressure not just in your shower, but throughout the rest of your home. As an intelligent device, it measures water flow passing through the pump and only adjusts flow as and when it is needed.

    Install a pressurised unvented cylinder

    If you are seeking a long-term solution to water pressure problems, especially if you live somewhere that has dated plumbing systems, you might consider getting a pressurised unvented cylinder installed. This is a far more expensive and complex job than simply installing a shower pump and is something that should be left to the professionals to handle. Installing a pressurised unvented cylinder requires removing the cold water tank and putting a new cylinder in its place, which feeds directly from the mains.

    Install an expansion vessel

    An expansion vessel, also known as an expansion tank, can also be installed to help maintain constant water pressure, thus improving shower quality. This small tank is used on closed water heating systems to protect them from excessive pressure, by absorbing excess water pressure as a result of thermal expansion.

    Fit a cold water accumulator tank

    If you find that your shower water is more cold than hot, then you might wish to consider fitting a separate electric shower with a cold water accumulator tank to remedy this situation. In this case, the shower obtains cold water from the accumulator tank, which is separate from the mains tank. When the cold water reaches the electric shower, it heats it and emits water from the showerhead at high pressure. The beauty of this option is that it also solves the issue of water pressure drop when someone turns a tap on elsewhere in the house.

  • Industrial uses of submersible pumps

    Energy efficient and very effective, submersible pumps play a vital role in a number of industrial applications. These watertight and easy to use pumps are the ideal solution when you want to remove excess water from a submerged location and are available with single or multiple impellers, depending on how they’re intended to be used.

    How do they work?

    Rather than pulling water out of the ground, this type of pump pushes the water to the surface. It uses less energy and can move the liquid far more efficiently than a surface pump but it must be completely submerged to work properly.

    The engine is hermetically sealed into a watertight body and drives an impeller. This draws water into the pump and then pushes it out through a pipe to the surface. The type of pump you require will depend upon the application and it’s always important to use a pump that’s the right size for the job.

    Industrial uses for submersible pumps

    This type of pump is extremely versatile and can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial situations. Most commonly used for pumping sewage and managing wastewater systems, submersibles are also used for seawater handling, rainwater tanks and deep well drilling. Submersible pump-based irrigation systems have also proved to be low cost, reliable and highly efficient.

    The most popular applications for submersible type pumps include:

    Industrial plumbing: pumps are used to clear flooded areas on construction sites, for clearing excess water and pumping slurries. The Coronada range is designed specifically for emptying drainage pits and flooded areas and features a high-grade stainless steel construction designed to cope with aggressive wastewater.

    Deep well or borehole pumping: where water needs to be pumped from a great depth, a dedicated borehole pump from a reputable manufacturer such as Grundfos will make short work of boosting pressure. This type of submersible water pump is capable of pumping clear liquids from deep underground into storage tanks.

    Pumping sewage: sewage pumps need to be capable of handling dirty water before treatment at the sewage plant. The heavy-duty cast iron DGO submersible sewage pump, Ebara DW range or a submersible dirty water Grundfos Unilift pump from the range are all potential choices, proving capable of dealing with water that contains contaminants and particles larger than 1mm in size.

    Oil industry: submersible style pumps are widely used in the oil industry for accessing oil in both onshore and offshore wells.

    The advantages of a submersible water pump

    Submersibles are more reliable and efficient at clearing underground water than surface pumps because they won’t short circuit when wet. By using direct pressure, this type of pump not only clears water more efficiently but can pump it over long distances.

    There’s no danger of pump cavitation and your submersible water pump won’t lose prime and burn out as a surface pump can. Opt for a submersible dirty water pump with a float switch such as the Calpeda GXVm and you’ll ensure that your self-priming pump works reliably for years to come.

    Although submersible water pumps can only work efficiently when completely submerged, they make the ideal pumping solution for industrial applications where their robust construction and overall durability make them a compelling choice.

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