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ABS Pumps

ABS Pumps have been producing waste water pumps and sewage disposal units for over 50 years. From their base in Scheiberhohe, Germany, ABS Sulzer have grown over the last half a century to become experts in wastewater technology, and one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers. ABS offer a great range of submersible pumps with domestic and commercial applications.

At Pump Sales Direct, we stock the most comprehensive range of ABS Pumps in the United Kingdom. Amongst the most popular is the Coronada model. It is a submersible drainage pump that can come either with a float or without. The Coronada has been designed so that it can be used as a fixed pump as well as a transportable unit. It can also be used for both internal and external applications. Its versatility is one of the things that makes it so popular.

Another of ABS’ most popular pumps is the Robusta, which is designed to pump both clear and wastewater that contains solids of up to 10mm. Like the Coronada, it is a submersible pump; its pressure-tight construction and the use of durable plastics and corrosion resistant materials means it will work even if fully underwater. It also has a built in selectable float switch, as well as a unique hand/auto switch that means the Robusta is suitable for both manual and automatic operation.

We also stock other models from ABS that are renowned for their fantastic performance and reliability. If you have any questions about which will best suit you, do not hesitate to get in touch.