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Jonio Pumps

Jonio is a manufacturer that is well respected in the pump industry for their robust designs and reliable performance. At Pump Sales Direct we stock only the finest, most high performing pumps, and the Jonio J range is no exception.

These pumps are surface-mounted, self-priming, centrifugal pumps that use centrifugal energy to generate and sustain power. They also feature an open impeller and have a large diameter. These features make them fantastic and handling fluids that contain solids, and therefore make fantastic all round industrial pumps.

In addition, the covers and casings on Jonio pumps are designed to be easily removed. Inspection covers that are easily opened make regular checks possible; this allows you to maintain the pump in a good working order with minimal inconvenience.

These design features also mean that when a problem occurs, the exact issue can be quickly identified and a solution found. This reduces potential downtime, allowing you to get on with your work knowing that your pump won’t let you down.

The Jonio J40 has different power options. Which you choose is dependant on the size of the task you need the pump for. Generally, the J range is suitable for use in industrial construction, agricultural and farming waste treatment, naval duty, civil engineering and marine applications.

These pumps are designed for industrial and commercial use. If you want to find out which pump is suitable for the purpose you intend to use if for, give us a call and we can discuss the specifications in greater detail.

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