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Smedegaard Pumps

Smedegaard pumps first came to life in 1942 after its founder, Tage Smedegaard, moved on from a venture manufacturing fire fighting equipment. The following year the company set up a factory in Copenhagen, Denmark, where an expanded Smedegaar plant still stands.

The company grew through a series of partnerships with other pioneering manufacturers across Europe. Today, Smedegaard pumps are some of the most respected in the market.

The Smedegaard range that we have selected to stock is concentrated principally on the SimFlex model. We stock 24 different types of these pumps. They are domestic hot water circulators that are designed to improve the overall energy efficiency of a domestic heating system.

The SimFlex circulators work by keeping water in pipes moving to retain a constant level of heat and pressure. This means that when a tap is opened, hot water is produced immediately. This eliminates a delay and results in reduced waste across a system. As a standalone unit or as part of a wider booster set, the SimFlex can dramatically reduce energy bills.

The other Smedegaard pump that we stock is the Omega. This centrifugal pump features an ultra-quiet motor. As a result it is a fantastic pump to use where operational impact needs to be low. This makes it ideal for in domestic and commercial environments.

Datasheets are available on each product page if you wish to know more about specific model types. In addition, you can always contact us to find out more about how Smedegaard can work in your system.