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Central heating pumps are essentially heat pumps that pump water around your central heating system. The pump will send hot water around your house or building directly from your boiler, to your radiators, and then back to the boiler.

The water that exits your boiler is hot. As it travels through your heating system and around your radiators it will lose heat. The heat from this pumped hot water is what heats the room or area through latent heat. As a result the water in the system cools and travels back to your central heating boiler. The process then starts again: water is heated and travels back to the radiator unit to continue heating the room.

The heat pumps we provide have a number of features and benefits to make this whole process more effective and efficient. These include electric controlled wet rotor pumps, designed to provide consistent pressure. These will automatically and intelligently adapt the central heating pumps performance dependent on the system demands. This improves the overall efficiency and reduces running costs.

The Grundfos range of heating pumps and circulators provide some of the most advanced and energy efficient circulators on the market. They have variable and fixed speed operation, incorporated power display units and ‘A’ energy rating – the lowest consumption rating and low noise operation.

Pump Sales Direct sell the best pumps on the market. We supply brands such as Grundfos, Biral, DAB, Wilo and Smedegaard. If you have any questions when you are selecting a pump, or need any information or advice, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.