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Garden Pumps

Our range of garden pumps includes pumps designed for a range of purposes, including for ponds and fountains.

Pond pumps will keep the water circulating around your pond. This prevents harmful bacteria from building up, keeping water healthy and fresh – ideal for attracting the right type of wildlife to a garden. When you are choosing a pump for your pond, be sure to check it can handle the volume of water you have. If your pump is too big or too small for purpose it will not run at its most efficient.

Fishponds require a submersible pump. These are fully waterproof and designed to be located in the pond itself. They will ensure that water is maintained at a perfect condition for fish and any plants you have as well.

Filter pumps draw water directly from your pond straight to your pond filter. As well as promoting oxygenation of the water, this filtration process will keep your pond clean. Waterfall pumps are large filter pumps that can be used to pump the water directly from your pond straight to a stream or waterfall. Water can travel via a filter or work as a standalone feature

Whatever type of garden water pump you need, you can find one from us that will provide the necessary power to get the job done. They will ensure that water reaches its final destination at the rate you require, whether that is simply to power a fountain, or to add pressure to other water outlets.

We supply a huge range of garden water pump equipment, such as by leading brands and manufacturers including ABS, Clarke, Ebara, Grundfos, Lowara, Mono and many more.

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