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  1. Blagdon Cleanpond Machine 3600-13000


    Blagdon Clean Pond Machine 3600-13000 Filtration System

    Blagdon Clean Pond Machine 3600-13000 Filtration System is an effective, easy-to-use filtration system that keeps your pond clean and healthy while keeping your hands clean and dry.
    The unique, innovative, foam-free design combines over ten years of R&D and patented features to bring you a considered product that deals with and prevents the age-old issues that come with pond-keeping:

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Our range of pond and garden pumps is one of the most extensive in the UK. These pumps are designed to keep water in your pond circulating. By keeping the water moving you keep it fresh and prevent it from going stagnant.

If your garden pond is small, this is particularly important as small quantities of water will be affected by a bacterial build up sooner than larger ponds. Fortunately, one of our pond pumps makes it really simple to get the water moving and breathe new life in to it. This simple solution also gives you scope to incorporate a water feature that will help boost biodiversity in your garden.

For larger ponds we have more powerful submersible pumps. Some of these have the capacity to feed multiple outlets that mean you can incorporate twin set ups. Whatever the size and whatever your creative vision, our range of pond pumps will help you achieve your ambitions.

The submersible pond pumps are designed specifically for purpose. Motors and electronics are located in water-safe housings with rubber seals that will keep them working long in to the future. Materials are designed to be resistant to corrosion and plastics are all durable to withstand being underwater.

Our range of submersible pumps is so extensive that some can be used in applications besides just the pond. More powerful units can be called in to help in flood scenarios. Some have the capacity to pump waste water or water that contains particulate matter, so in emergency situations they can rescue your home from water damage, or deal with waterlogging in your garden.