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Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps are small pumps usually found in a basement or cellar in the lowest part of your home. The reason they are positioned here is because it keeps the area beneath your house or building dry, and ultimately prevents it from flooding.

They will usually be installed in a sump pit specifically constructed for drainage. Water will flow into the pit through the drainage system and natural water movement through the soil. The pump will then pump the water away from your house or building to ensure the area stays dry.

There are a number of options available when selecting the correct pump. Though you can choose manual or automatic operated pumps, we generally recommend automatic, as the intelligent systems can be configured to match your requirements.

There is a range of motor sizes available too. More powerful motors are able to pump more water. The height that a pump will raise water to will be set by the head pressure. When you are looking to purchase your pump, don’t hesitate to get in touch to ensure you choose the pump that matches your requirements.

Submersible sump pumps are built with a motor that is completely submerged in oil. This provides cooling and lubrication for the lifespan of the pump. Pedestal sump pumps are fitted with motors that drive and impeller to pump the water. These are generally less expensive, but because the motor is left open for cooling purposes it can shorten the lifespan.

Pump Sales Direct stock pumps from leading brands including ABS, Clarke, Ebara, Grundfos, Lowara, Stuart Turner and TT Pumps.

  1. £275.00 [Ex. VAT]

    Capable of handling 46mm solids. The JS-SV series are a range of single phase submersible sewage pumps which feature a vortex impeller, allowing soft solids to pass through the pump body to waste. Learn More
  2. £297.00 [Ex. VAT]

    The JS-250, JS-400, JS-750 and JS-1500 range of single phase submersible pumps are ideal for clean & dirty water drainage applications. They feature twin mechanical seals, a stainless steel motor shaft and case and a cast iron impeller. They are supplied with 10m of power cable and are available in manual or automatic versions Learn More
  3. £240.00 [Ex. VAT]

    The U 3 K (S) NIRO submersible pump with built in fixed arm level control. The pump is designed for continuous operation. Learn More
  4. £248.00 [Ex. VAT]

    DR Blue Pro 50/2/G32 automatic submersible pump c/w float switch, 230v. The DR Blue pro range of submersible drainage pumps are designed for domestic & professional use. The DR Blue Pro range of submersible drasinage pumps has an open multi-channel impeller for most soiled water applications. Learn More
  5. £231.00 [Ex. VAT]

    Grundfos Unilift KP 250 A1 Submersible Pump c/w 5 metres of mains cable, withlevel switch. The Unilift KP is a submersible pump designed for pumping clean, non-aggressive water and slightly dirty (grey) wastewater such as domestic effluents from septic and sludge treating systems. Learn More
  6. £216.00 [Ex. VAT]

    Trencher T400 manual submersible drainage pump, 230V. The Trencher range are compact, light and powerful submersible drainage pumps. They are suitable for ground water and water containing sand & silt - maximum Learn More
  7. £210.00 [Ex. VAT]

    JS RSD400 1Ph 230v Hz pump - RSD400 Residue pump also known as a puddle sucker has the ability to pump water down to approx 1mm while the remaining flood water can be swept into the pump for removal. Stainless steel outer case, shaft and motor case. Cast iron motor lid, pump casing and volute. Equipped with non return valve on the suction of the pump to help stop any return of water. Learn More
  8. £218.00 [Ex. VAT]

    Heavy duty submersible pump suitable for use with clean or dirty water. Ideal for draining ponds, pools and building excavations. Learn More
  9. £202.00 [Ex. VAT]

    Lowara DOC3SG/A manual stainless steel submersible pump, 230v. The DOC3 pump range are designed for the emptying of residential sump pits, garden & lawn irrigation, emergency draining of flooded basements & garages and the transfer of water from tanks & swimming pools. The standard version can handle solids up to 10mm in diameter. Learn More
  10. £215.00 [Ex. VAT]

    Replaces the DOC3 GT. An Automatic sump pump for small sumps, with magnetic float switch Learn More