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quiet shower pump

  • How to fix a noisy shower pump

    Silence is rare these days. We spend our lives surrounded by media noise, traffic noise and people chatting loudly on mobile phones. At work, at home, on holiday - even when we take a shower, we are surrounded by noise. Many homeowners install a shower pump to improve the flow of water in their showers, but these pumps can be noisy as well as efficient. An improved flow of water, however, doesn’t have to mean a racket that you can hear throughout the entire house. Pump Sales Direct are on hand to answer your FAQs about noisy shower pumps.

    how to fix a noisy shower pump

    Finding the right manufacturer

    No shower pump is totally silent, but some shower pumps are quieter than others. If you’re thinking of installing one, our expert suppliers here at Pump Sales Direct can help. We can advise you about the best kind of pump that you should buy. Obviously, the more expensive pumps tend to be quieter as well as more efficient than the budget-friendly ones, but modern pump manufacturers are aware that noise can be a problem. They use more innovative materials and manufacturing techniques across a range of their products. Brass, for example, vibrates more quietly than some of the materials used in cheaper or older pumps. Modern pumps can be rested on anti-vibration pads to dampen the noise they make.


    The solution to your noisy shower pump

    If you’ve already got a shower pump, there are ways to minimise the noise that it makes. If you put your pump on a concrete block, it will make less noise than if it rests on a hollow surface such as a wooden floor. You can purchase anti-vibration pump mounting pads, which will further reduce noise from vibration - so will making sure that all the pipes around your shower are firmly and securely supported.


    Silence can be good for your mental and your physical health. Although your daily shower will never be silent, a good shower pump can ensure that it is a quieter and more peaceful experience no matter how hectic the rest of your day is.


    Check out our range of the top quiet shower pumps here at Pump Sales Direct and enjoy your morning wash in peace.

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