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Salamander Pumps

  • How to rejuvenate your bathroom

    quiet shower pumps

    If your bathroom is beginning to look tired and worn, it may well be time to consider making some changes. The thought of updating your bathroom décor is often accompanied by a sense of impending doom with the inevitable outlay of cash. An update to a rapidly deteriorating bathroom needn’t be an extremely expensive undertaking. On the contrary, with the right advice, you can rejuvenate both the appearance and efficiency of your bathroom affordably in one fell swoop. From replacing outdated, ineffective pumps with newer, more efficient alternatives to updating your décor DIY-style, transforming your bathroom for the better is very much achievable.

    Quiet shower pumps

    Replacing or installing a new shower pump is a practical move that will serve your bathroom well for years to come. If you don’t already have a shower pump installed, you only have yourself for to blame for the disappointingly weak water flow emanating from your shower. If on the other hand, you do have a shower pump bolstering your water pressure - and have had so for many years, it is most likely time for an upgrade. Technology moves at a rapid rate, and seemingly minor developments can culminate in major improvements in efficiency. This is true too of Salamander shower pumps and Stuart Turner shower pumps.

    At Pump Sales Direct, we stock a range of energy efficient products, a great deal of which are shower pumps. Designed to run with extreme efficiency, the installation of one of the latest models of shower pump can equate to a 50% reduction in energy consumption, which is of benefit to both the health of the environment and your finances. Another factor worth noting is just how quiet shower pumps are now. A new shower pump is worth the investment to achieve the kind of tranquilly quiet bathroom you have always hoped for.


    A new shower pump will improve the practical makeup of your bathroom, but it won’t have the kind of impact (at least aesthetically) that actually altering your décor will have.


    A change in lighting can make a deceptively drastic difference to your bathroom. Scientific studies have demonstrated the strength of the relationship between lighting and mood.  Neglecting older fluorescent lighting in favour of newer LED lighting is an inexpensive way to generate a mood-boosting ambience in your bathroom.


    In a similar fashion to the way a change in lighting can elicit a positive response, so too can a fresh coat of paint. Again, opting for lighter colours is the best strategy. While repainting your bathroom is inexpensive, it does however demand a fair amount of hard work. From ridding the bathroom walls of soap scum to painting around toilet tanks, painting a bathroom properly is no easy task.

    Armed with this knowledge, you should be well-equipped to go about injecting a new lease of life into your bathroom. If you are interested in purchasing one of our products but still have a few questions you need answering before you take the plunge, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by email, phone or through this contact form.

  • Money-Saving Tips for Winter

    Winter is a time where we all get to relax more than we should, eat more than we should and spend more than we should. When it comes to spending money though, we want to be sure that it goes on gifts for our closest friends and family – not on mundane but essential updates to our home. Unfortunately, the festive period also brings with it some of the worst weather the year has to throw at us, making repairs to plumbing and heating apparatus all too common. To ensure none of this seasonal reaches you over the winter months, you may want to consider some of the following changes to keep your bank balance as healthy as possible.

    Shower pumps

    salamander shower pump

    Salamander are one of the leading pumps brands around, and from their base in the South East, they have been providing UK homes with the highest quality pumping products for years. A core part of their range that will guarantee you perfectly pressured showers in spite of any boiler problems that may arise during the colder months, is the salamander shower pump. A shower pump of this quality is as effective as they get, and will keep your water pressure intact without any of the associated extra cost that you might otherwise expect.

    Circulating pumps

    circulating pump

    Whilst you may not be familiar with circulating pumps, they are actually one of the most cost-effective heating products money can buy. By ensuring that hot water is distributed evenly throughout the home, any additional and unnecessary expense is circumvented. Not only does the efficiency of a circulating pump minimise the cost of your water bill, it also ensures that extra energy won't be expended heating up water that won’t be used - allowing you to rest assured that your actions aren’t taking a toll on the environment.

    Grey water recycling

    grey water recycling

    Similarly, a grey water pump is ideal not just for those of us who are desperate to safeguard the health of the planet for the foreseeable future; it is also perfect for those of us who are more conscious than ever of exactly how much money we are spending (which is especially true during the festive period). A grey water recycling pump achieves both of these things by repurposing all of the grey water that would otherwise go to waste (from your baths, showers, dishwashers and sinks) for use elsewhere in the home. Given that a grey water recycling system is more than capable of reducing water usage by up to 50%, the upfront investment is miniscule and one you should be certain of considering.

    Sump pumps

    sump pump

    The threat of flooding is never higher than over the bitterly cold and wet winter months - whether that is from a particularly heavy downpour or pipes frozen to the point of bursting. Fortunately, there is one simple step you can take to stave off costly water damage. Installing a sump pump provides a hardy barrier to flooding by automatically casting away any water that may accumulate in the home. Once again, it is an essential initial investment that will easily repay itself over time.


  • The top 5 home booster pumps on the market

    If your shower is more of a dribble or it takes ages to fill the bath, it’s likely you have a problem with low water pressure. At Pump Sales Direct, we offer a range of home booster pumps. Here we have carefully selected the top five on the market to help you solve your low pressure issues.


    1. Stuart Turner Flomate Home Booster Pump

    The Stuart Turner Flomate home booster pump can be connected directly to the mains without the need for a cold water tank. It offers 3 bar pressure, is suitable for use with combi boilers and is fully compliant with UK water regulations.

    Top 5 Home Booster Pumps on the market

    2. Salamander Home Boost 1.5 Bar Mains Water Pressure Booster Pump

    For smaller properties or to boost demand at peak times, the 1.5 bar Salamander Home Boost is a compact unit and is available from Pump Sales Direct at a competitive price and with fast delivery.

    Top 5 Home Booster Pumps on the market

    3. Dab e.sybox Electronic Water Pressure System

    The Dab e.sybox is more than just a home booster pump: it’s an electronic water pressure system. It has a water-cooled pump and anti-vibration feet for quiet operation and electronics that match the pump speed to demand in order to save energy. Note that this system needs a break tank and can’t be connected directly to the water supply.

    Top 5 Home Booster Pumps on the market

    4 & 5. Grundfos Home Booster packaged pumping system (3 bar / 4.5 bar)

    Grundfos offer both 3 bar and 4.5 bar versions of their home booster pump, both of which are available from Pump Sales Direct. These are self-contained systems with an integrated 200-litre storage tank and a stainless-steel pump that delivers efficient, quiet operation and a long life. For properties with high water demand or where the mains pressure is very low, an additional slave tank is available to increase the water storage capacity.

    Top 5 Home Booster Pumps on the market

    Shop the Pump Sales Direct range of home booster pumps now.

  • Salamander HomeBoost Pump: In-pack upgrades mean added value

    Salamander HomeBoost Pump

    The Salamander HomeBoost Pump is the quick and easy solution to problems caused by low water pressure or poor flow rates. From baths that fill too slowly and showers that deliver only a trickle of water to ineffective combi boilers and kitchen taps that do little more than dribble, the HomeBoost will increase your water pressure by up to 1.5 bar for a maximum flow rate of up to 12 litres per minute. With a Salamander HomeBoost pump in place, your upstairs shower won't suddenly lose pressure if someone runs a tap downstairs, so every member of your household will be able to enjoy consistent flow rates all day, every day.


    Salamander HomeBoost Pump Activates When Needed


    Compact, discreet and extremely quiet while in operation, the HomeBoost pump can solve all of your water-flow issues in one simple installation. Intelligent electronics built into each pump allow it to detect when flow rates or the level of water pressure are too low, and only then is the boost automatically applied. This feature means the pump only operates when needed, providing a high level of energy-efficiency. Operating at 46dB, the HomeBoost emits less noise than a typical electric kettle, so while you'll be able to feel it working every time you turn on a tap, you'll hardly know it's there.


    Two-year Manufacturer’s Guarantee


    Thanks to its small size and streamlined design, the Salamander HomeBoost can usually be fitted by a plumber in less than an hour, and now, thanks to our added-value upgrades, installation is easier and more cost-effective than ever. The HomeBoost now comes complete with everything you need included in the pack at no extra cost. In addition to the outlet strainer and inlet washer, you'll also get a set of adapters to enable it to be fitted to either a 15mm or 22mm pipe, along with a straight connector and isolation valve connector. Manufactured in the UK from top-quality components, the HomeBoost pump is fully compliant with all water-fittings regulations and is WRAS approved and IPX4 rated. It comes with a two-year manufacturer's guarantee.


    The unit can be plumbed directly into the mains pipework. For best plumbing practice and to facilitate removal of the unit for future servicing, the fitting of full-bore isolating valves is highly recommended, so ensure you choose an installation site with sufficient room.


    Shop our Salamander HomeBoost Pump here.

  • Salamander Pumps: 5 things you need to know about the leading manufacturer

    salamander pumps

    From its base in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, Salamander Pumps has been Britain’s leading manufacturer of shower pumps for over 25 years. With spectacular growth over the past decade, Salamander Pumps is able to supply a product range that will satisfy most types of showering requirements.


    1. Technology

    Centrifugal pumps are one of the pioneering achievements of Salamander Pumps. This is the technology where water feeds into the centre of a rotating impeller and flows out radially. You can see this technology in the impressive ESP range. These shower pumps have electronic sensors that are able to both activate and to protect the pumps, despite any problems that may occur in any household plumbing. With this, the company has managed to build one of the most efficient as well as the quietest shower pumps available on the market today.


    2. Quality

    The high quality of our product range is reflected through the achievement of ISO 9001 compliance. Our pumps are quieter and are able to deliver water under a higher pressure than most competing models. Our pumps are continuously rated to determine how long they can run before the motor overheats. This is an important factor for those homes where family showers can run for a long period of time in the mornings.


    3. Salamander Pumps Range

    We provide the widest range of single and twin-impeller pumps available in the UK. All of our models come with a 3-year guarantee.


    4. Sales

    We know that customers need help when buying a shower pumps for the first time. You need to know about the best location to install it, how to fit it directly to the home water system and what type of connections to use. We have a sales team that will be able to answer all of your queries on the selection of the correct model, purchase procedures and issues with deliveries.


    5. Service

    Our team of experienced professional field engineers is able to respond promptly to all customer service needs. They are able to inspect any location and advise on pump installation as well as arrange a visit to deal with any operational or maintenance problems.


    View our entire range of Salamander Pumps today.

  • Which shower pumps are the quietest?

    Noisy shower pumps can be an annoyance, but fortunately there are a number of things you can do to address the problem. Most shower pumps generate some sort of noise as the pump mechanism produces vibrations when it’s in operation, and this can generate an unpleasant noise.

    Shower Pumps

    Often it’s the cheaper models of pump that are responsible for the loudest noises, with cheaper components more likely to vibrate when running. Even so, you can’t expect to eliminate noise entirely with a more expensive model, as much of the noise you can hear is caused by water running through the pump. So, which shower pumps are the quietest you ask?

    Quiet Shower Pumps

    You’ll always get a certain amount of of noise from your shower pump, but some models do produce considerably less than others. This is partly due to the brand that you choose and the quality of the product. As we already pointed out, cheaper pumps are more likely to be noisy, however, there are three manufacturers that stand above the rest when it comes to quiet operation;

    The manufacturers take steps to reduce noise in several ways. They use high-quality components that cause less vibration and thus less noise when in use.

    Grundfos Amazon

    Grundfos is a global manufacturer that has done a lot of work to ensure their products produce low levels of operating noise whilst still maintaining strong performance. The Grundfos Amazon range is one the quietest of the company’s products. Grundfos pumps generally are known for their reliability and performance. The Amazon range uses a combination of low-noise motors and anti-vibration feet to deliver minimal noise output.

    Stuart Turner

    Another well-known manufacturer, Stuart Turner has also tackled the noise problem. It’s designed a range of shower pumps which have anti-vibration feet to help keep noise levels down. The Stuart Turner Monsoon Range stands out thanks to impressive performance and low noise. The company uses low-voltage pumps with brass bodies and anti-vibration feet to guarantee minimal noise output.


    The Salamander CT Force Range are among the quietest pumps available today. The company has a reputation for manufacturing quiet pumps, but the Salamander CT Force model in particular it has concentrated on reducing vibration levels and noise.

    Many shower pumps in the Salamander range now also say ‘Quiet’ on their specification as the company’s range is relatively quieter in operation than other pumps on the market.

    Other Options

    While reducing the level of noise a shower pump produces without swapping it for a quieter model is difficult, there are some things that you can do. For example, you could install the pump on a concrete block to reduce vibration levels. You can also buy a special mounting pad which will keep the noise level down.

  • Pump Sales Direct welcomes the extended Salamander CT range

    The UK’s leading shower pump manufacturer, Salamander Pumps, has designed a new pump to meet all the demands of the bathroom.Salamander Pumps - Pump Sales Direct

    Part of the best-selling Salamander CT range, CT Bathroom boosts the efficiency of hot and cold water supplies to showers, wash basins, baths, toilets and other bathroom equipment such as bidets or hot tubs.

    The new CT Bathroom range has also been launched at Pump Sales Direct to add to our range of popular and efficient pumps.

    As well as being highly efficient, the Salamander pumps are also quiet and incorporate unique crossover technology so you can use just hot water to fill the bath or the cold water to fill the toilet cistern after flushing without the other side of the pump overheating.

    You can choose your performance requirement, from 1.8 bar to 2.6 bar pumps, and whether you need a positive or negative head, which depends on where your water storage tank is situated compared to your bathroom.

    If the pipework feeding to the Salamander pump is at least 600mm below the water tank, it is said to be positive. A negative head is when the pipework is less than 600mm below the tank.

    The CT Bathroom single and twin-ended pumps have been designed to meet all your bathroom needs both quietly and efficiently. They are suitable for a wide range of shower types and heads as well as single or mixer taps. They are so effective that you can refill your toilet cistern quicker than ever before.

    The new Salamander pumps for bathrooms improve the pressure level and have been specifically designed to meet the ever-increasing demands for water in your bathroom or en-suite. If you need strong water flows for your high-performance taps and showers, then the CT Bathroom pumps could be the right choice for you.

    These Salamander pumps also come with a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind, when purchased from Pump Sales Direct.

  • The top 5 shower pumps on the market

    Here at Pump Sales Direct, we stock a extensive range of shower pumps that are suitable for a range of different systems. But with so many different shower pumps and manufactures on offer, it can be a tricky process deciding which one to fit into your system.

    To help, the team at Pump Sales Direct have kindly shared details of their 5 top selling shower pumps to help you make your decision;

    Shower Pumps

    1. Stuart Turner Showermate Standard S1.8Bar Twin Shower Pump
    Stuart Turner has an extensive range of pumps that can be used for applications across the house. The Stuart Turner Showermate provides you with a more powerful shower experience, and it is perfect for single applications. This type of shower pump can be used with open-vented cold and hot systems that have positive head conditions. This twin model can be fitted into single- and multi-function showers and mixer taps.

    2. Salamander CT50 Xtra 1.5 Bar Twin Impeller Regenerative Positive Head Shower Pump
    The Salamander CT Range features durable pumps that are quick and easy to install. The twin impeller shower pump can be fitted to manual or thermostatic showers for both the cold and hot water supply. The manufacturer produces high-quality pumps in the UK, and they all meet exacting quality controls before being released on to the market.

    3. Salamander RHP75 2.2 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Centrifugal Shower Pump
    The Salamander RHP75 pump can be used in whole-house systems as well as single bathroom applications. This pump is twin-ended, enabling it to manage single and multi-outlets. It is capable of working with high-resistance features, including showers that have a champagne spray or a massage setting.

    4. Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal 3.0Bar Twin Shower Pump
    The Stuart Turner Monsoon range of shower pumps is an excellent option when you need to boost the supply in a single application. They are constructed from brass for a durable finish and are fitted with anti-vibration feet. This type of shower pump can also be used to pressurise the water supply when the outlet is above the water source, such as in a loft extension.

    5. Salamander CT Force 30PT 3.0 Bar Brass Twin Impeller Regenerative Positive Head Shower Pump
    This popular range from Salamander is suitable for a number of applications where you require a boost in supply. CT Force shower pumps work with gravity systems, where there is a cold-water cistern and a hot-water cylinder to provide water to the pump inlets.

    Shop the full range of shower pumps today online here at Pump Sales Direct

  • Introducing the new Pump Sales Direct website

    Now, it has never been easier to order from a range that features the planet’s top manufacturers of pumps and equipment here at Pump Sales Direct, thanks to the new site that has been specially designed to offer the most seamless experience possible for our customers.

    Pump Sales Direct

    Just as the likes of Salamander, Stuart Turner and Grundfos aim to keep their places as some of the biggest and best pump equipment manufacturers on the planet, we have our sights firmly set on being number one for customers looking to purchase the highest-quality pump products in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible.

    We currently boast one of the biggest in-stock pump ranges in Britain and are the go-to company when it comes to those seeking professional advice and unrivaled service.

    Matt Shepherd, Business Development Manager said “With nearly 50 years’ experience in the pump industry, we wanted to bring our vast expertise and efficient service to the online space in the same way.”

    “Our brand new website does just that. Allowing users an online window to our array of pumps from the world’s leading manufactures. We wanted to provide people with a seamless online experience where they could easily find the exact products they are looking for and order them direct to their door.”

    “Our new site represents our core values of professionalism, expertise and excellent service”.

    The new website makes it as simple as possible to search for products by category or by using a manufacturer’s name. It’s also quick and easy to ask questions about any items that cannot be found or any problems that may arise, safe in the knowledge that every answer will be backed by genuine industry knowledge and experience.

    Pump Sales Direct offers one of the UK’s most extensive ranges of Grundfos pumps, testament to the enviable relationships amongst industry partners that have been built up over the years and the respected expertise that has become synonymous with the company name.

    Our website is also the place to go for a vast array of accessories and spares to ensure pumps maintain the quality and performance that customers have come to expect from the products sold by Pump Sales Direct.

    The expert team of knowledgeable and vastly experienced pump specialists at Pump Sales Direct are also always on hand to help both trade and domestic customers.

    Get in touch and tell us what you think of the new website on
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  • Do I need a negative or positive shower pump?

    It can often be confusing trying to figure out what type of shower pump you need. There’s a lot to consider and a lot too about your home that will determine the outcome.

    However, one of the most commonly asked questions is regarding negative or positive shower pumps. The team here at Pump Sales Direct have come up with a definitive guide to help those looking for answers to this common shower pump question.

    Shower Pump

    Positive shower head pump
    A positive shower pump is needed if your shower head is beneath the cold water tank, with a minimum flow rate of 0.6 litres per minute. It will need a positive shower head pump to give it a boost, as it is relying on a gravity feed of water to kick start the impellers and start pumping hot and cold water.

    Negative shower head pump
    A negative shower pump is suitable where the shower head is above or at the same level as the water tank. It works by sucking water from the tank to work the shower.

    The next section to be explained is that around the impellers, where we will talk in a bit more detail about the suitability of each for different layouts around the home - and also how they supply water:

    Twin Impeller
    This is the most common type of pump, in which the impellers are basically like small propellers, which are fed by a water supply which is then delivered to a mixer. A twin impeller should be fitted on both the hot and cold water supplies to ensure both are boosted to the same level.

    It is advised as well that it should always be fitted away from where people sit or sleep, as it can be quite noisy. It is also thought that it is better for those with a supply that’s not very well balanced.

    Single impeller
    A single impeller can only be installed onto a single supply and it can only pump one water supply, either hot or cold.

    It operates using a single blade which drives the water to the mixer, and it is mainly used to boost the hot supply if the colds is main fed, or in this individual situation it’s easier to install two single pumps.

    Shower Pump Brands
    Now that we’ve covers the basics of negative and positive shower pumps, it’s now time to choose from the wide selection of shower pump brands available.

    The sheer amount of choice can often seem a little overwhelming; therefore we have picked out three shower pump models that stand out for their high performance and popularity with Pump Sales Direct customers;

    Grundfos pumps offer a great range of environmentally friendly, reliable pumps which are known for their easy installation and anti-vibration feet to help reduce excess noise.

    The popular Salamander CT Force range offers high quality value for money. The Salamander range of pumps is very easy to install and will last for a number of years.

    Stuart Turner is another key brand within the shower pump sector, and the brands Monsoon range is used by many industry professionals.

    Shop the full range of Shower Pumps today here at Pump Sales Direct!

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