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Pump Type

At Pump Sales Direct you'll find a wide variety of pumps, pumping systems and associated accessories for both domestic and commercial use from all the major manufacturers. Whatever pump types you are after, from central heating and garden care to sewage handling and pond maintenance, you'll find exactly what you need right here. If the water tank in your home is not high enough to create sufficient water flow, our extensive range of shower pumps could be the answer. A shower pump can typically boost water pressure anywhere from 1 bar (the equivalent of a water tank 10 metres high) to 4 bars (a 40-metre head), leading to a far more enjoyable showering experience. If you’re having trouble with overflowing drains or need to deal with a flooded basement, take a look at our range of submersible pumps. Fully enclosed and therefore able to be fully submerged in any liquid, these devices can clear away unwanted water or slurry with ease. Heat pumps have a wide variety of uses, such as extracting warmth from air, ground or water sources and upgrading it in order to heat the interior of a home or hot water system. Other available pump types include rainwater-harvesting pumps, condensate pumps for removing waste water and coolant pumps for machine tools. Whatever type of pump you purchase, be sure that you are aware of and fully comply with any maintenance requirements to guarantee many years of trouble-free service. Should you require any further information, the friendly staff at Pump Sales Direct will be more than happy to assist you.