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Mono Pumps

Mono is a global manufacturer of pump parts and progressing cavity pumps. The company has been making pumps since 1935, and have built a reputation on design and performance.

At Pump Sales Direct, we stock the Mono M-range. Within this range we provide the MS, the MM, and the ML models. These are small, compact pumps – the ‘M’ stands for mini – with the largest model in the range taking up little over half a cubic foot in space. The MS, MM and ML are also designed for easy in-situ dismantling and maintenance.

These units may be compact, but like larger Mono pumps they are designed to tackle demanding duties. This extends from domestic environments to light industrial and commercial applications. The M-range of pumps features an abrasion and chemical resistant stator, a precision-engineering stainless steel rotor, a mechanically sealed diver shaft and a close-grained cast iron pump housing. This robust construction contributes to the mighty punch that these units pack.

Pumps in the MM, MS and ML classes are all built around a helical rotor that revolves eccentrically within a double helix stator that is twice the pitch. This construction makes it able to handle viscous liquids and random solids in the pumped fluid. Applications include pumping waste water fluids, non-aggressive chemicals, vegetable oils and the transfer or diesel.

The datasheet on each product page provides more information on each class of Mono pump. Each type is available in different specifications. Should you be unsure of which one will best suit your needs, feel free to contact us for expert advice.