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Spacer Kits

Spacer kits are necessary when the port to port dimensions of circulator pumps used in heating or domestic water systems have been altered, either as a result of production upgrades or due to changes in European legislation. The kits generally comprise the spacer itself, a set of extended bolts with matching nuts, and a set of gaskets. Some new pumps are sold with spacer kits included but at times it may be necessary to purchase such a kit separately. Always ensure that the spacer kit you purchase is suitable for the pump it will be matched with. Several firms that manufacture pumps have altered their designs in such a way that the replacement flanged pumps have shorter bodies than those of earlier designs. This discrepancy can be easily remedied with the use of a spacer, which fits between the pipe and the pump flanges to make up the missing length. The latest replacement pump models often offer a wide range of benefits, including superior performance and greater energy efficiency. Many new pumps also have the ability to limit maximum flow, thus eliminating the need to use a balancing valve. Another innovative feature is the heat energy meter, which allows the power consumption to be monitored and the heating system to be used in the most cost-effective way. The use of a spacer kit makes it easy to upgrade to a later pump model. Installation is quick and easy, no maintenance is required, and the life cycle cost is extremely low.