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Sewage Pumps

Sewage pumps are designed to pump effluent waste that are generally submersible. A dirty water pump is suitable for many uses, including the lowering of groundwater, pond emptying and the pumping of domestic waste.

The general perception is that wastewater will magically disappear once a toilet is flushed. Though this is not too far from the truth, the reality is that things do not always work seamlessly.

Wastewater doesn’t always travel easily through a drainage system. If there are issues with flood water or if groundwater enters your basement or cellar, it is likely that you will require a wastewater solution of some kind. When solids and waste matter affect the system, a pump can step in and solve any problems. We provide pumps that can move waste water away from your property or building, and keep your entire system in check to avoid unwanted build ups.

Generally, sewage pumps can operate safely at a temperatures from 0 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Grundfos pumps can operate manually and automatically. They can work as a permanent installation or used as a portable pump, with various options including with a float switch for automatic function.

The DGO submersible pump is effective in heavily polluted liquids. With a solid, heavy-duty cast iron construction with solid transport capacity of up to 80mm, the vortex impeller will maintain a clear passage when used in sewage.

Pump Sales Direct provide sewage pumps that will work with varying degrees of dirty water. Our knowledge of leading brands such as Grundfos, Lowara, TT pumps and DGO means we can answer any queries you have – just get in touch.