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Shower Pumps

There are many different types of shower pumps, but they can generally be split in to two categories: those with a positive head and those with a negative head. Beyond this classification, there are single and twin impeller variations.

The pump you require depends on what water system you are fitting the pump to. A positive shower head pump requires at least 500mm in between the shower head and base of the cistern. It harnesses gravity to feed the water and get the impellers moving and set the pump going. An example is the Grundfos watermill pump.

A negative head shower pump is best used in applications where the pump will be positioned at the same level or above the cold water tank. Water is then taken from the tank to activate the pump and start the water flow. Single impeller pumps provide only one water supply, hot or cold, but are generally used for hot water. Twin impeller pumps are more popular and can be used with both hot and cold water.

You can then choose whether you require a centrifugal or regenerative pump. Centrifugal is the most common option, with water moved through centrifugal force. Regenerative pumps, are less common, but are perfect when the pump will be placed high up, usually in the loft or above your water cylinder.

Whichever set up you require, the ultimate purpose of all shower pumps remains the same: to maintain a consistent water pressure. Our large selection of pumps means you can find one to suit your needs, and to get the shower that you deserve.