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Flygt Pumps

Pumps manufacturer Flygt enjoys a reputation for providing some of the hardest working products in systems for sewage, storm water and clean water systems. Their broad range of products means that they always have a product to suit your needs.

All the units in the range that we stock at Pumps Sales Direct are handpicked. We take into consideration performance, cost and reliability. The Flygt STAM 20 scores highly in all three categories.

It is a submersible sewage pump designed to handle dirty water. Its stainless steel and cast iron construction makes it ones of the most heavy duty products in its class. Indeed, Flygt make no secret of their boast that it has unrivalled wear resistance.

Fitted with a mechanical seal and an open impeller with abrasion resistant rubber coating, the reliability of this particular Flygt pump has spearheaded the company’s reputation. Its durability means that those who use it praise the STAM for the reduced downtime they experience, as well as its reliable performance when it is needed most.

The unit is suitable for emptying drains, rain water tanks, domestic waste water, emptying of wells and tanks in industrial/ecological environments, irrigation in the garden, the emptying of tanks or reservoirs and emergency draining in flooded areas.

If you want to find out more about whether Flygt pumps are suitable for you, then feel free to get in touch with one of our expert team who can guide you through the exact specifications.