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Flotec Pumps

Flotec Pumps has been in operation for over thirty years. They have forged a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water management systems.

The range of that we stock is focused on submersible units. Flotec are generally manufactured with an eye on easy installation, which is why they have become increasingly popular for use in domestic settings. The wide range of pumps that they manufacture means they also cater for industrial uses. Their reliability and versatility ensures that they remain popular in both areas.

Within our range you can find different Flotec pumps that offer different uses. The Flotec Compac, for instance, is able to pump water that contains particles up to 7mm in diameter. It can be immersed up to 7m deep and still operate effectively. It will continue to pump down to a water level of 3mm. This makes it ideal for pumping pools or for using in ponds.

Another pump that we stock is the Flotec FP. This stainless steel unit is also fully submersible. It differs from the Compac in its ability to pump waste water that contains suspended solids. As it is designed for dealing with dirty water, it is ideal when fitted in a sump.

Flotec’s SOS Flood Kit is also popular. It contains a Compac submersible pump along with a lay flat hose. It provides the perfect safety net in the home or in light industrial environments that are liable to flood.

If you would like to find out more, consult the datasheet provided on each product page.