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Sewage Handling

Sewage handling pumps are waste water submersible pumps that are designed to pump effluent waste, heavily polluted liquids, liquids that contain fibrous materials and sewage. They also have uses in ground water lowering, pumping fire containing waste from a number of applications and waste from septic tanks and sludge treating systems.

Heavy duty and hard working pumps are required for sewage handling. The TT pump TGO range includes automatic submersible sewage pumps that can handle solids of up to 80mm in size. They are built from cast iron with a vortex impeller to ensure there is a safe passage for the pumped liquids to pass through.

The Grundfos AP submersible sewage pump range is designed for domestic sewage handling. It includes a range of pumps for pumping dirty water, waste water and and light laundry liquids. These sewage handling pumps are available with automatic and manual operation, and can also be used as permanent or portable units. The pump housing for sewage handling is made from steel tube with a smooth surface to ensure a free passage for liquid and particles. The stand, inlet and housing are all fastened to the motor through four springs. This helps enable easy and quick dismantling.

Pumps in the Grundfos range are fitted with a vortex impeller to help ensure the clearance of 50mm in the pump. Backward curved blades help this process by reducing the effect of particle build-up, which also reduces overall power consumption.