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Sealed System Pressurisation Units

Pressurisation units are designed to maintain pressure levels in heating systems. Water pressure in a boiler can be lost for a variety of reasons. In basic domestic units, it is simple enough to monitor pressure and top it up as and when required. But with more complicated systems, maintaining pressure is naturally a more complicated matter.

Heating systems with greater complexity also have more ways in which pressure can be lost in the first place. Monitoring this it not always practicable, nor is returning pressure back to its normal level should it drop at any stage.

Intelligent pressurisation units like the ones we provide can complete the task on your behalf. These sets are designed to monitor fluctuations in pressure levels and react when necessary. Should the system experience a leakage and pressure is lost, a sealed system pressurisation unit will act to replace the water and bring pressure back to where it needs to be for safe and efficient operation.

By monitoring water pressure and keeping it at a safe level, pressurisation units can save vast amounts of money by keeping your system working at its most efficient. They also reduce the risk of a breakdown and minimise the impact of leaks, helping you cut down on costly downtime.

Our range of units has been carefully selected. The models listed are some of the best, most affordable and reliable on the market. Should you have any questions over which will suit you best, do not hesitate to get in touch.