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Packaged Pumping Systems

With packaged pump systems you get a full system that is designed to fit and work together. Whatever the application, a standalone unit or a pack that has been configured to work for a single purpose can save time, effort and installation costs.

We have various systems available. The pumps in our home booster range are configured to increase water pressure. We have different options available that will suit every domestic set-up. These include different bar levels across the same model so that you can find the perfect pump station to fit both the setting and the workload.

Because these pumps are generally used in domestic settings, many of them have been designed for low impact on family life. As well as reliability and function, this means they have low noise levels and are designed to be ergonomic. There are also options on additional water storage units that will allow you to supplement a pump station with increased capacity.

As well as water booster systems, you can also buy packaged pump systems intended for removing waste water where there is no natural fall into the building’s sewage system. Different packages are suited to a different level of use. That means whether you have a cloakroom with just a toilet and washbasin, or a bathroom with a bath and bidet, you can find a system that will do the job.

There are also pump packages that will prevent the sump area of units becoming overladen with condensation or other fluids.