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Pump accessories are essential to ensure continued operation of an efficient system. Accessories can be broken down into key categories which include gate valves, flange, unions and spacer kits. A gate valve operates by controlling the flow of a fluid trying to pass through. The valve allows unidirectional flow and gives full bore flow to the fluid. The ring is known as a gate as it moves in a 90-degree angle movement against the flow of liquid.

A flange kit can be used to maintain an even flow of water for your shower. It will ensure that a pump fitted in a hot water tank will not be affected by disturbance, keeping pressure levels consistent. Unions are designed to make piping and pumps fit together, while a spacer kit will make up the length of new pumps where there is a shortfall. Newer, highly efficient pumps do not always have the necessary pipe length, so these pump accessories can help get them running alongside existing systems.

These accessories are not always included with all pumps that you purchase. When you require new parts, make sure you take note of descriptions of all pumps that you have. If you are unsure, a call to one of our team members is all it takes to find out exactly what accessories you need. Pump Sales Direct are a leading supplier of pumps and pump accessories, with one of the widest ranges in the UK. Our dedication to providing spares fits with our understanding of the industry. If you have any questions on your setup don’t hesitate to get in touch.