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Energy Efficient Products

Energy efficient pumps are not just for the ecologically minded; they are also a cost saving device. With just a 20% reduction in the output speed of centrifugal pumps and fans, you can save up to 50% in energy consumption.

With many homes and buildings still using traditional mechanical devices to control system flow, there is considerable potential for saving energy with our range of pumps.

Many systems operate at a constant flow rate, even though demand changes throughout the course of a day. Conventionally, the heat flow will be restricted to particular rooms, while peak levels will be maintained in the central system. This way of working is a waste of energy and reduces the lifespan of equipment. Using a variable speed drive will help to meet the demand for water flow more precisely, reducing wasted energy.

Our range is not limited to heating systems. We stock all sorts of efficient products including submersible pumps that can be used for both domestic and industrial use.

Energy efficient pumps are clearly located across the Pump Sales Direct website with an ERP Ready icon. From January 2013 the EU has legislated that all wet running circulators installed in central heating systems must conform with the ErP directive.

Pump Sales Direct remain committed to supplying energy efficient products throughout its wide range of goods, you will find some committed brands in Grundfos, Biral, DAB and Smedegaard.