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Heating Circulators

Heating circulator pumps are used to circulate liquid by forcing hot water from the boiler through hot water baseboards and radiators. Generally, circulation will be activated upon request, though in certain cases it can run circulating continuously.

Heating circulators can be used alone, or can work in conjunction with multiple circulators. Where there is more than one area in a system, a single pump can circulate liquid in each section by using individual control valves. Alternatively, each area can have its own individual pump.

In a simple heating system set up water is piped straight to the tap. When the tap is closed, the water between tap and boiler will cool. The next time the tap is open there will be a delay before hot water comes out of it. Hot water circulators maintain a small amount of hot water across the system. A heating circulator pump acts like the beating heart of the system and moves water to the heating devices such as radiators.

A report by Grundfos, a leading pump manufacturer, found that energy efficient circulators can save up to 80% energy, returning a 10% reduction from household bills. When installed correctly, your heating circulator will ensure long-lasting performance efficiency from your boiler.

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