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Valves and Unions

When specifying a pump, it’s important to make sure that you have all of the fittings and connections needed for the installation too. There are a variety of types of unions and valves available, and they come in a range of different materials and sizes, so it’s therefore vital to specify the right ones for the job when you’re buying and installing a pump. From a simple non return valve to more unusual types, you can choose from a range of different options that are available to order on our site. One of the most common types of valve in use with pump installations is the non return valve, available in 1-inch and 11/4-inch sizes. There are also specialist valves made by pump manufacturer Grundfos for use with their kit. Other types of valve on offer include the brass ball valve, sold in pairs, and the brass gate valve. The latter type are available in 22mm and 28mm sizes and are also sold in pairs. Our unions come in both brass and iron and again are supplied in a range of different sizes to suit all applications. There are standard-size 1-inch and 2/4-inch unions, as well as those to make different-sized connections - for example, 11/4-inch by 2-inch or 11/4-inch by 11/2-inch. Once again, unions are sold in pairs. More specialist types of valve that we offer include brass swing check valves which are available in 11/4-inch sizes. ABS check valve flaps and check valve washers are available to buy separately for use in new installations and repairs.