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Grey Water Recycling

A grey water recycling system uses waste water from applications in the home – for example baths, sinks, dishwasher and showers – and pumps it back into your washing machine, toilet and outside taps for reuse.

The main purpose of a water recycling system is to reduce energy consumption and bring down bills, with some systems experiencing a reported 50% decrease. They are most commonly found in commercial applications, particularly in hotels and at universities, but they are also suitable for home use.

Pump Sales Direct supply the pumps necessary for your grey water recycling system. Unlike some alternatives, these systems provide a plentiful and progressive supply: the more you use water in the system, the more greywater you have at your disposal.

A grey water pump is suitable for use in a basement, cellar or wherever in your house where extra fixtures can be used. A grey water submersible pump will pump waste water away from a variety of sources such as your kitchen sink, washing machine, dishwasher and other applications.

We can help you when design a water recycling system that suits your needs. We supply grey water pump systems to both homes and business, and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and help you find a grey water system to match your needs. We can explain installation and maintenance requirements, as well as talk you through the different models and brands available, including Grundfos, Lowara and many more.