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Home Booster Units

Booster pumps are designed to increase water pressure, making them ideal for anyone who experiences variable or poor hot water flow from their taps or shower. Boosters may be driven by an electric motor, hydraulics, or low or high pressure air. At Pump Sales Direct we have a great range booster pumps available, including a terrific selection of pumps that are designed with the home in mind.

Domestic models have led the way in pioneering efficient technology. This means they are amongst the most cost-effective anywhere on the market. Domestic units are also designed to be quiet, work in conjunction with existing heating systems and are compact enough to fit in the home.

The design of home booster pumps also lends to their performance. Intelligent systems monitor pressure; when it drops below a given mark the pump will kick in to return pressure to the desired level.

In simple terms this means that the impact on hot water pressure caused by someone having a shower will be counteracted. As a result, if someone turns a hot water tap on elsewhere in the house, the water pressure in the shower will not be effected – an otherwise common problem in many homes.

Reductions to mains water pressure are planned throughout the United Kingdom, meaning issues of this nature are likely to become more prevalent. Fortunately, booster pumps offer a simple solution without the need to completely overhaul an existing heating system. To find out more, browse the models or get in touch with one of our expert team.