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Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos pumps manufacture some of the most popular and reliable commercial and domestic water pumps available on the market. Pump Sales Direct hold the largest stock of Grundfos throughout the United Kingdom.

Grundfos is well known for its home booster units. The self contained cold water booster set is designed for homes where the current water supply does not have sufficient pressure to meet the demand and requirements put on it.

Grundfos are one of the leading manufacturers of central heating circulators. This range of pumps is industry leading, EuP compliant and highly energy efficient. Central heating circulators can be used for both heating and cooling applications. Their overall aim is to improve efficiency across a whole system. These pump units include the pioneering permanent magnetic motor technology.

Two of the most popular Grundfos central heating pumps are the Selectric 15-60 and Selectric 15-50. These circulators have been designed to cater for the majority of domestic wet heating systems. A brand new energy saving three-speed motor is coupled with pump-to-system matching, which results in a significant reduction in hydraulic noise. With a low noise level encased in a high quality component, it is easy to understand why this pump is cemented as a go-to for all domestic systems up to 35kw.

Grundfos Watermill shower pumps are designed to boost the power of the water flow specifically in the shower. In low pressure areas, this simple solution saves having to install a pump for an entire heating system and allows the focus to instead fall solely on the shower unit.