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Wilo Pumps

Wilo Salmson Pumps is part of the group that invented and patented the first domestic circulator back in 1929. Since then, Wilo pumps have become well known for their ongoing innovations and superior quality.

Pump Sales Direct stock Wilo products that can be classed as accessories. The newest generation of Wilo pumps include the Yonos and Stratos models that comply with the latest set of energy and safety regulations as set by new EU legislation.

The Wilo central heating circulator units that we currently provide are designed to improve efficiency across a heating system. The Wilo TOP-SD is a three speed, standard efficiency circulator. The purpose of a central heating circulator is to maintain the temperature of water located in pipes away from a storage tank or boiler.

Expending a small amount of energy to circulate the water can dramatically reduce energy consumption and reduce wastage. This efficiency is two fold: energy that has been invested in heating water is not wasted, as all heated water is used; and once a hot water tap is opened the flow is instantly warm, meaning water that would otherwise be lost while a boiler heats up is no longer wasted.

For information on the latest range of Wilo central heating circulators and submersible pumps, feel free to get in touch with us. Our expert team have an excellent understanding of EU regulations and which pumps are suited to different types of systems. We will be able to find a pumping solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.