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Potable Water Expansion / Pressure Vessels

Closed heating and hot water systems, unlike older gravity-fed systems, need a potable expansion vessel in order to relieve excess pressure that might otherwise cause damage to the system or lead to unpleasant noise from water hammer. The tank buffers pressure changes caused due to the expansion of water as it’s heated up. They help to ensure there's a constant water pressure, making the operation of showers and mixer taps more predictable. We stock potable water expansion vessels in a range of different sizes. The Varem range of vessels starts from 2 litres in size; they can be used for hot and chilled systems, with a wide operating temperature range from minus 10 to plus 99 Celsius. They come pre-pressurised at 2.0 bar and are available in sizes up to 25 litres, making them suitable for different types and sizes of installation. Stainless-steel flanges are used on all 8-10 bar vessels to ensure a long, reliable life. A potable expansion vessel suitable for larger installations, the Reflex DE range starts at 60 litres capacity. Again, these are suitable for chilled and heating applications with a maximum pressure of 10 bar and a maximum temperature of 70 Celsius. They’re pre-pressurised to 4.0 bar and come in sizes up to a generous 500-litre capacity, which is suitable for large commercial or multi-occupancy applications. All connections on Reflex DE vessels are threaded for ease of installation. The full range of sizes for both types of potable expansion vessel is available to view on our website so that you can order the one you need.