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Domestic Pressure Boosting

Home booster pumps are generally self contained cold water boosters. They are a perfect solution for households where the mains water supply is not sufficient to meet the demands put on both the hot and cold water.

If you are experiencing low water pressure from your combi boiler or heating system, a water pressure booster can provide the most immediate and cost-efficient solution. It will help to increase the water pressure in your system, thereby increasing the water flow from your taps and shower.

Our home boosters are designed for domestic use. They will provide reliable water pressure for a typical house with one or two bathrooms, standard fittings and the usual home appliances.

When you increase the number of bathrooms, and therefore the demand on the pump, low mains pressure will result in the storage tank taking longer to refill. In these instances, an increase in water storage is recommended.

The benefits of improved pressure are clear and immediate: more powerful showers, quicker bath filling times, enhanced flow from all household taps and an overall more efficient running of your boiler.

We also provide water pressure boosting pumps from other specialist manufacturers such as Grundfos, CNP, DAB and Ebara. These systems incoporate features that make them ideal for domestic use. The Grundfos home boost system, for instance, is an intelligent pump. When it recognises that the flow of water is less than 12 litres per minute, it will boost the incoming mains water back up to that base level.