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End Suction Pumps

End suction pumps are some of the most common centrifugal pumps on the market. They are suitable for a number of applications that require reliable and cost effective pumping.

The key fields that an end suction pump is used in are heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, irrigation, water supply, industrial pressure boosting and industrial liquid transfer.

They are predominantly single stage pumps that feature one impeller and a volute casing. They work by controlling the velocity of the liquid that is being pumped. The speed of the fluid will increase as it makes its way along the vanes of the impeller; the pumped liquid will then move into the volute casing and at this point, a diffusion process will convert high velocity into high pressure.

End suction is usually provided in two distinct configurations. When they feature a close coupled pump, the pump impeller will directly attach to the driver shaft without coupling. These differ from frame mounted pumps, where the pump has its own bearings and coupling, keeping the pump and motor separate. Standard pumps will be close coupled and built out of iron and plastic.

If you are unsure of your exact requirements or of the capacity of any of our pumps, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our dedicated team can help you find the right pump system to meet your needs. At Pump Sales Direct, we supply end suction pumps from all the world’s leading manufacturers, including Grundfos horizontal multi-stage range, Calpeda, Ebara, Lowara, Tough Guy and Wilo.