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  • How to Decorate Your Bathroom For Halloween

    With Halloween just days away, millions of us are busy worrying about the best way to decorate our homes in a suitably spooky manner for the year’s most frightening day. Out of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom isn’t the one that necessarily screams out scary the loudest. But, after a bit of digging, you’ll find that bathrooms are actually a standard setting for many of the most iconic horror scenes in film history. Taking some creative inspiration from hallmarks of the horror genre Psycho and The Shining can’t hurt when trying to create the perfect bathroom for Halloween.



    The shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is quite possibly the most famous horror scene in film history, and, as the most famous horror scene in film history, there is no better film to take inspiration from for your Halloween-themed bathroom. Positioning a cardboard cut-out figure purportedly clutching a knife behind a translucent shower curtain is the perfect way to echo the film whilst frightening any visitors that are unfortunate enough to enter your bathroom.

     The Shining

    the shining

    After an axe-brandishing Jack Nicholson proclaimed: “Here’s Johnny!’ whilst poking his head through a bathroom door, the scene from The Shining has become a hallmark of the horror genre. A wall decal that vividly depicts the only horror scene capable of rivalling the infamy of the shower scene in Psycho, is one worth having in your home for Halloween.

    Harry Potter

    Moaning Myrtle was an ever-present in the bathrooms at Hogwarts. Whenever she did pop up, she always had an unnerving impact on the viewer initially, but ended up leaving them laughing, which is exactly the impact a Moaning Myrtle decal in your bathroom will have on your guests. Inexpensive but guaranteed to garner a reaction, a Moaning Myrtle toilet decal is the ideal addition for any Harry Potter fan on Halloween.

    The only horror story you have to avoid

    waste water pump

    Spend too much time concerning yourself with making your bathroom look horrifying, and you can end up with a real horror story on your hands. The appliances behind-the-scenes that allow your bathroom to run smoothly on a daily basis are vital. Without a waste water pump, for example, especially given the tumultuous weather of late, you are leaving your home without a line of defence against flooding. By whisking away any encroaching water with speed and ease, a waste water pump will set your mind at ease and keep your bathroom in tip-top shape.

    Bonus tips

    There are a host of simple but spooky changes you can make to your bathroom that don’t involve imitating film. Everything from skull-shaped soap dispensers to pumpkin-adorned bath mats and towels are readily available, and each addition is equally effective at helping to create the perfect Halloween bathroom. A smattering of fake blood is another popular option, but is only worth exploring by the most daring amongst you - both because it is realistic enough to cause genuine terror and because it is likely to give you a fright when you realise how difficult it is to clean up afterwards.

  • 6 of the world's wildest water slides

    The thrill of an exceptional water slide is hard to beat. The dizzying heights and speeds you reach with only your own body to protect you requires nerves of steel. But the sense of relief, accomplishment, and adrenaline at the other side can leave you longing for more. Water parks can be fun for all the family, but the most terrifying water slides in the world are strictly for the brave alone. From Europe to the United States, a water slide can be the crowning glory of an amusement park or water attraction. Browse the list below and plan the next one to tick off the list, if you dare.


    1. The Scorpion’s Tail, Wisconsin

    Water slides from around the world

    This lethally named ride at Noah's Ark Waterpark sees the ground vanish beneath your feet. A ten story drop takes only a few seconds and is matched in ferocity by a dizzying 400-foot loop. The clear capsule of the ride allows you to marvel as the outside world becomes a blur.


    2. The Verrückt, Kansas City

    Water slides from around the world

    Recognised as a world record holder for its height of a staggering 168 feet and 7 inches, Kansas City's Verrückt water slide has a dedicated following of fans. Fascinated viewers from all over the world have made YouTube videos of the Verrückt go viral. Thousands of views and thousands of adrenaline-seeking riders have catapulted this impressive ride to stardom.


    3. Jumeriah Sceirah, Dubai

    Water slides from around the world

    Dubai is world famous for its glamour and sophistication. This city takes no half measures, and its water slides are no different. This unique and exhilarating tandem slide reaches speeds of around 50 miles per hour and completes its powerful ride in mere seconds. Perfect to shake off the effects of a lazy day in the Dubai sun.


    4. Brain Wash, Florida

    Water slides from around the world

    As close to a modern art installation as a water slide can get, Florida's Wet ’n’ Wild Water Park features the Brain Wash. This ride is a memorable and contemporary water slide that also enriches the experience with lights, videos, and sounds for the rider. This funnel flume can reach astonishing speeds and remains a "must see" in the area.


    5. Leap of Faith, Bahamas

    Water slides from around the world

    The Bahamas attracts a wide range of visitors, all seeking their own piece of paradise. But this strikingly beautiful place offers more than blissful relaxation. Atlantis Paradise Island is home to the Leap of Faith, a 60-foot drop that plunges riders into a safety tank in a shark-infested lagoon! It's an unforgettable experience and a powerful contrast to the laid-back beach life of the Bahamas.


    6. Aqualoop, Slovenia

    Water slides from around the world

    The Aqualoop of the Terme 3000 Adventure Pool Complex boasts the honour of having been the first slide in the world to include a gravity-defying 360 degree loop. Many water slide fanatics make their "pilgrimage" here to experience the birth of the now popular total loop.


    Are you planning a trip any time soon? Make it memorable and exhilarating with the addition of a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Water slides may only be seconds long, but they can leave a lasting impression on the senses and add an unbeatable edge to a trip. From the team here at Pump Sales Direct, we hope this list inspires you to take the plunge!

  • 10 UK water parks to hit this summer

    The British summer is a wonderful thing - sunshine, ice-creams and fun! Sometimes the weather is not so great, but that doesn’t dampen our spirit, and if we’re getting wet anyway, we might as well do it in style. Here’s a round-up of the top water parks we at Pump Sales Direct think are worth paying a visit this year.


    1. Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool

    Go wild on the rides at largest indoor water park in the UK. It's one of the hottest attractions in Blackpool (heated to a tropical 28 C) and now home of the longest indoor water rollercoaster anywhere in the world, so fun is virtually guaranteed.


    water parks uk
    2. Alton Towers Waterpark, Staffordshire

    Unwind in the beautiful tropical lagoon, complete with palm trees, and let the Lazy River carry off your stresses, or get the adrenaline going on one of the speedy water rides. Alton Towers does family fun with the best!


    water parks uk


    3. Blue Lagoon, Pembrokeshire

    Whatever the weather, this indoor attraction fits the bill. Great fun for everyone, with waves, slides, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, and plenty to eat and drink.


    water parks uk
    4. Waterworld, Stoke on Trent

    With so many water attractions, this is family fun at its best. With rides given exciting names such as The Black Hole and Python, and a new extension opening in May, it’s hard to pass this one up.


    water parks uk
    5. Splashdown, Poole

    It's a favourite with thrill-seekers, and rides like the Screamer, with a vertical drop, continue to excite visitors to Splashdown year after year. There are slower options, and with indoor and outdoor attractions this is a great place to visit all year round.


    water parks uk
    6. Splashdown Quaywest, Paignton

    Poole’s sister park, the Devon offering is bigger and arguably better. Are you brave enough to try The Devil’s Drop or the Wild Kamikaze? There are great views from the top, and it’s right by the beach, too.


    water parks uk
    7. LC Swansea

    This is a wonderful leisure centre. Aside from the pool and spa, there are also facilities for lots of other sports, meaning you really can spend the day there without any risk of boredom.


    water parks uk
    8. Guildford Spectrum

    This very popular attraction advises booking in advance because there’s huge demand for the pools and water attractions and also the ice rink and other sporting facilities.


    water parks uk
    9. Wet ‘N’ Wild, North Tyneside

    As it's the largest water park in the UK, you would expect some thrills, and this place is all about fun. The three-level flume tower does not disappoint. Worth visiting alone or as part of a tour of the North East.


    water parks uk


    10. Doncaster Dome

    Another multi-sport attraction with a tropical pool at its heart. The perfect place to unwind during the day, and why not stay on for a concert in the evening? This is a great entertainment complex all year round.


    water parks uk

    Which ones are on your list this summer?


  • The history of central heating: From 15AD to 2015


    central heating pumps

    Today we take our central heating systems for granted, but it wasn’t always like that. Our modern systems with efficient boilers and central heating pumps are designed to keep our properties as warm as we like, but they have developed substantially from the initial models. Here we take a look at the development of central heating, from the early Roman methods through to the systems we benefit from today.


    Early Heating Methods

    The Romans were the first to invent any form of heating as far back as 15AD. Hypocaust, as the system was called, used a furnace to create hot air that then went along channels under the floor and pipes within the walls to generate heat. This type of heating created better living conditions and was the start of the development of central heating.


    19th-Century Developments

    Once the Roman Empire collapsed, the use of central heating largely came to an end, and homes generated heat through the use of individual fireplaces. Over the next thousand years, there was very little central heating in existence. It wasn’t until the 1830s that mass-produced systems that used steam were introduced.


    These were initially created by Angier March Perkins, who was an American based in the UK. His first customer was the then Governor of the Bank of England, who wanted to keep his home warm to enable him to grow grapes.


    Radiators were first introduced in Russia in 1855, and this is when we see the start of central heating as we know it today. Thomas Edison then went on to invent the electric heater in 1883, and by 1896 there were solar water heaters in existence.


    Central Heating Pumps in the 20th Century

    There were further developments in central heating systems during the middle of the 20th century. Robert C Webber came up with a direct exchange ground source pump towards the end of the 1940s.


    Central heating started to be installed within new homes from the mid-20th century. Today very few homes don’t have any form of central heating. Our modern systems combine radiators, a boiler and central heating pumps. Radiators are designed as a feature of the room now rather than a bulky appliance, and there are designer, slim and vertical styles to choose from.


    21st-Century Heating

    We now benefit from far more advanced heating systems than those early Roman models. The technology that we use within central heating pumps and other components allows the system to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. This enables us to have lovely warm homes while at the same time helping to keep our energy usage in check.


    Engineers are constantly looking at ways of improving our central heating systems to make them more efficient and cheaper. We are now seeing the use of more renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind. They are considered a more viable option than they were a few years ago, and this is an area that will see significant changes in the coming years.

  • Top 10 songs to sing along to in the shower


    So, you've fitted your brand new shower pump from Pump Sales Direct, the hot water is running, you’re feeling fine, what better time to let your inner star shine? What are the best in-shower songs? The team here have compiled a list of all-time favourites, in no particular order.


    1. Tiny Dancer by Elton John

    We all remember that wonderful scene in Almost Famous when the whole bus burst out singing. For most people it only takes the words ‘Hold me closer...’ and we’re off!

    shower pump

    2. Twist and Shout by The Beatles

    Twist and shout is the classic in-shower song, but we recommend that you don’t do too much twisting.

    shower pump

    3. Sitting On the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

    It’s smooth, it’s easy, and it has lots of 'oh-oh-ohs' for those who can’t remember the words.

    shower pump

    4. Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers

    For those days when you don’t really feel like singing at all, this is the track you need. Let Bill Withers help you to get it all off your chest.

    shower pump

    5. Crazy In Love by Beyonce

    For those days when you don’t need Bill, there’s Beyonce. Bathroom tiles are great for making you think you’ve got the vocal strength of Queen B.

    shower pump

    6. Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N' Roses

    Now and again you need to unleash your inner rocker. Just try not to hit your head on the showerhead during the solos.
    shower pump

    7. Love Shack by The B-52s

    You don’t need a perfect voice for this one; in fact, it helps if you don’t have one. Just get down and groovy.
    shower pump

    8. It’s the End of the World by REM

    When you sing in the shower you often hope no one is listening; however, if you know all the words to this one, be proud and be loud.

    shower pump

    9. Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band

    Never heard of it? If you haven’t sung it in the shower, you’ve sung it in the car. It’s the theme tune to BBC’s Top Gear.

    shower pump

    10. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

    You might deny it, but everyone has harmonised all alone in the perfect reverberation of a well-tiled shower and imagined themselves on stage at Wembley, or at least in the car with Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World.
    shower pump

    What's your favourite song to sing in the shower?

  • The history of Grundfos pumps

    Grundfos has come a long way since it was started in Denmark 1945, and it is now one of the biggest pump manufacturers in the world!

    Grundfos Pumps

    Today, the Danish pump manufacturer employs more than 17,500 people throughout the world and makes more than 11 million pumps and parts a year. It also makes electronic motors and other parts for pumps and other systems.

    It is a great achievement for the company, which was started by Poul Due Jensen in Bjerringbro in 1945 in a small factory.

    The company was initially called Bjerringbro Die-Casting and Machine Factory, and after several name changes, it settled on its current name, Grundfos Pumps. The Jensen family still have a stake in the company and own about 13% of the shares in Grundfos AG. The Poul Due Jensen Foundation was set up in 1975 and today holds about 85% of shares. The staff own about 3%. The aim of the foundation is to strengthen and improve Grundfos pumps, with the profits being reinvested into the company.

    Many companies are represented by the Grundfos Group, and its products are sold by distributors in more than 40 countries around the world, including the highly competitive market in China.

    Hilge, a producer for pumps in sterilised applications, was integrated into the Grundfos Group in 2006.

    The following year, Grundfos bought the United States manufacturer, the Peerless Pump Company, which is its biggest acquisition to date. The US firm has more than 375 employees and yearly sales of $110 million USD.

    Grundfos Pumps continue to be at the centre of innovation and design, as the company places great importance on research and development. In 1985 Grundfos set up its own electronics manufacturing unit, and in 1991 Grundfos Electronics was introduced to the public.

    Grundfos pumps are renowned throughout the world, with the circular pump being used in air conditioning, ventilation and heating in hotels, office buildings and homes. Grundfos also provides different types of pumps for industrial, municipal and private use.

    An extensive range of Grundfos pumps can be bought online here at
    Pump Sales Direct!

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