6 of the world’s wildest water slides

The thrill of an exceptional water slide is hard to beat. The dizzying heights and speeds you reach with only your own body to protect you requires nerves of steel. But the sense of relief, accomplishment, and adrenaline at the other side can leave you longing for more. Water parks can be fun for all the family, but the most terrifying water slides in the world are strictly for the brave alone. From Europe to the United States, a water slide can be the crowning glory of an amusement park or water attraction. Browse the list below and plan the next one to tick off the list, if you dare.


1. The Scorpion’s Tail, Wisconsin

Water slides from around the world

This lethally named ride at Noah’s Ark Waterpark sees the ground vanish beneath your feet. A ten story drop takes only a few seconds and is matched in ferocity by a dizzying 400-foot loop. The clear capsule of the ride allows you to marvel as the outside world becomes a blur.


2. The Verrückt, Kansas City

Water slides from around the world

Recognised as a world record holder for its height of a staggering 168 feet and 7 inches, Kansas City’s Verrückt water slide has a dedicated following of fans. Fascinated viewers from all over the world have made YouTube videos of the Verrückt go viral. Thousands of views and thousands of adrenaline-seeking riders have catapulted this impressive ride to stardom.


3. Jumeriah Sceirah, Dubai

Water slides from around the world

Dubai is world famous for its glamour and sophistication. This city takes no half measures, and its water slides are no different. This unique and exhilarating tandem slide reaches speeds of around 50 miles per hour and completes its powerful ride in mere seconds. Perfect to shake off the effects of a lazy day in the Dubai sun.


4. Brain Wash, Florida

Water slides from around the world

As close to a modern art installation as a water slide can get, Florida’s Wet ’n’ Wild Water Park features the Brain Wash. This ride is a memorable and contemporary water slide that also enriches the experience with lights, videos, and sounds for the rider. This funnel flume can reach astonishing speeds and remains a “must see” in the area.


5. Leap of Faith, Bahamas

Water slides from around the world

The Bahamas attracts a wide range of visitors, all seeking their own piece of paradise. But this strikingly beautiful place offers more than blissful relaxation. Atlantis Paradise Island is home to the Leap of Faith, a 60-foot drop that plunges riders into a safety tank in a shark-infested lagoon! It’s an unforgettable experience and a powerful contrast to the laid-back beach life of the Bahamas.


6. Aqualoop, Slovenia

Water slides from around the world

The Aqualoop of the Terme 3000 Adventure Pool Complex boasts the honour of having been the first slide in the world to include a gravity-defying 360 degree loop. Many water slide fanatics make their “pilgrimage” here to experience the birth of the now popular total loop.


Are you planning a trip any time soon? Make it memorable and exhilarating with the addition of a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Water slides may only be seconds long, but they can leave a lasting impression on the senses and add an unbeatable edge to a trip. From the team here at Pump Sales Direct, we hope this list inspires you to take the plunge!

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