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  • Summer water-saving tips for your garden

    Have you ever considered how much precious water we use to keep our gardens looking green and beautiful? There are several ways in which you can reduce your levels of irrigation and other water usage throughout the summer months. Some alternatives may require a garden water pump to boost water pressure or to circulate it efficiently.

    Summer Water-Saving Tips for Your Garden: Garden Water Pumps


    Don't apply water during the heat of the day, as over 30% may be lost to evaporation. It is best to apply water from 6am to 10am, as this ensures that it has time to infiltrate down through the soil layers to be stored at a safe depth rather than being drawn back up and into the atmosphere. Watering at night can result in the growth of mildew and fungi on your lawn or plants, so it should be avoided.

    Don't overwater your lawn or garden, as this can result in disease. Furthermore, run-off can carry pesticides and fertilizer into nearby streams, where it can cause serious environmental damage. How do you know how much you have watered? Place a rain gauge to measure the amount of water falling from your sprinklers. On average, and depending on the grass variety, you should be applying about 1.3 cm of water twice a week. You can check the uniformity of your sprinklers by placing tins such as empty tuna cans around your laws to see that your sprinklers are doing their job properly.

    Watering infrequently but deeply will encourage root growth so that plants will become stronger and are able to tap into water within the soil when there are dry periods. Don't worry too much about your lawn, as if it is under-watered, such as during a drought, it can go into a state of dormancy for periods of up to two months, depending on the grass variety. So if your lawn isn’t heavily used by children or animals, it will do no harm to leave it without water for a while.

    Don't water the street! Check that your sprinklers and hoses are putting the water where it is needed most and not on the neighbour's garden.


    Garden water pumps

    Try using rain barrels to capture water either directly or through the gutters of the house or greenhouse roof. Water can then be stored till needed, and with a small garden water pump you can hook the water up to your irrigation system. With your own pump you can then apply the right volume of water to the specific part of the garden that you need.


    Garden Care

    Raise your mower blades before you mow the lawn to leave a depth of grass that can easily compete with weeds and moss. In the flower-beds, minimize weeds, as both of these reduce soil water content.



    Pond pumps will move water around your pond, which prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria. Healthy water will attract wildlife to your garden without your having to empty your pond on a regular basis. Ponds that contain fish need to have the water aerated, and a well-fitted pumping system will prevent the need to regularly empty your fish pond.


    Pump Sales Direct can supply various types of garden water pump. Find out what type of garden pump is right for you.

  • Installing a hot tub in your garden this summer?

    A hot tub is rarely an impulse purchase, so it's important to be fully aware of all the options and possibilities before you part with your hard-earned cash in order to make the most of your money.

    Calpeda pumps

    The first tip is not to focus too much on the upfront cost of your hot tub. Although it may seem as though you are paying less, cheaper models can often end up costing you far more in the long run as they require more maintenance and ongoing care. If you want to avoid finding yourself regretting your purchase months or years down the line, focus instead on the overall efficiency and build quality of the tub you wish to buy.

    What you need to know

    Three main factors contribute to the efficiency of any hot tub: the type of insulation, the construction of the cover and the quality of the pump and motor. When it comes to insulation, hot tubs can make use of expanding foam or so-called dead air space between the cabinet and the shell. Foam is believed by many to provide better heat retention, but it can make it difficult to access the internal parts of the tub in the event of a leak or component failure. Cheaper covers tend to mean made from regular vinyl, but those crafted from marine-quality vinyl are better able to withstand the full range of weather conditions that your garden is likely to experience over the course of a year. A cover should fit snugly to improve heat retention and help keep the water cleaner for longer.

    Calpeda pumps

    The pump is the heart of any hot tub set-up, so look for a brand with a solid reputation in this field. When it comes to choosing the horsepower rating of your pump, don't get carried away with the notion that bigger is better. If your pipework is insufficient or the jets on your hot tub are too weak, a more powerful pump will be of little benefit. Calpeda pumps are suitable for a wide range of domestic leisure applications, including swimming pools, hot tubs and jacuzzi baths. Made from high-quality materials and built to last, Calpeda pumps will provide you with many years of reliable service. Our range of Calpeda pumps includes models that provide a high gallon-per-minute rating coupled with a low horsepower rating, meaning they are more efficient and ultimately cost less to run.


    If you are joining the hot tub owner club for the very first time, it's important to make sure you are fully aware of the amount of maintenance required. Checking the chemical balance on a regular basis and adjusting it by adding chemicals is essential if you want to enjoy trouble-free bathing. You'll also need to ensure that your filters - which remove body oils, lotions, hair spray and other potential contaminants from your water - are working correctly. If you want to save yourself time, be sure to choose a tub model that makes use of a pressure side rather than a suction side filter as this can typically clean all the water in just 15 minutes. Suction side filters can take as long as four hours to do the same job.

    If you invest the necessary time into looking at the many hot tub options available and choose one that is crafted from high-quality materials and fitted out with branded components, you'll be rewarded with the pleasure of a hot tub you can enjoy for many years to come.

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