Bathroom hacks: Keeping warm in the winter

Taking a bath in winter is a sure-fire way to get warm and feel cosy. But if your expansion vessel for bathroomsbathroom floor is chilly and stepping out of that steamy shower or bath is like stepping into Siberia, here are ten clever bathroom hacks to keep you toasty. And the clever use of an expansion vessel may surprise you!

Think Cosy, Think Rug

Thick, warm, inviting rugs – they just make you want to bury your toes in them, don’t they? These are the quick-fix solution to icy bathroom floors on a cold winter’s morning. If you can, add a large and colourful rug to the centre of the floor – a rich, spicy red will be instantly warming.

Use Colour Psychology

Strange as it may seem, the warmer a room looks, the warmer it feels. If you favour the ice white bathroom look, then icy is how you’ll feel. Paint the walls a deeper, richer cream and add plenty of spicy and warm red, orange and gold accents for a cosier feel.

Go on a Draught Hunt

Your window or door may be the culprit if your bathroom feels significantly colder than the rest of the house. There’s an easy way to check – just see if a piece of toilet paper moves when you hold it up to the window or door. Repair or use sealant and add draught-proofing around windows and doors to keep the warm air in and keep those cold draughts out.

Let the Sunshine In

It may seem counter-intuitive, but letting light into your bathroom can make you feel warmer even on the coldest days. If you’re concerned about privacy, apply an attractive window film to let light in and keep prying eyes out.

Keep Towels Hot and Handy

There’s nothing nicer than a warm towel after a warm bath, so fit a towel rail if you have the space. These can be turned on to provide background heat before you run your bath and give you the luxury of a toasty towel afterwards. If you don’t have the space or the budget, drape your towel over the shower rail so it heats in the steam from the bath.

Steam Heat

Here’s a clever hack to keep you warm as you dress – and make sure your clothes look great too! Just decide on your outfit and take it into the bathroom with you and hang it on the back of the door. The steam will gently heat the fibres and steam out any annoying little wrinkles at the same time.

Spot Hot

Instead of heating the whole bathroom if you’re just diving in for a shave or to do your make-up, install a small heat lamp to warm up a specific area – like round the sink and vanity unit. Ask for advice on the safe solution for your bathroom and you’ll save energy, too.

Let It Bleed

If you have a radiator in your bathroom and it’s not heating efficiently, give it a bleed – this is quick and simple to do if you have an open heating system. If you have a sealed system (you’ll know if you do because you’ll have an expansion vessel, a pressure gauge and a filling loop), you’ll need to let them get completely cold so you can read the pressure. A job best left to the professionals.

Splash Out – Get Underfloor Heating

Heating mats are an investment, and they can be time-consuming to install, but the disruption and expense are worth it for a bathroom that gives you toasty toes as soon as you step out of the bath.

Crank Up the Heat

If you really want to invest in a big-money way of heating your bathroom, fit a sauna or steam room. Yes, it’s luxurious, but it really will make your bathroom a pleasant place to be on a frosty morning. For absolute luxury, install a faux fire that adds glamour and heat to your bathroom.

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