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  • The quietest shower pumps on the market

    If the water flow of your home shower is sluggish, installing a shower pump can boost the water pressure. Despite the efficiency of shower pumps, one of their drawbacks is that they can be noisy. Although completely eliminating noise from a shower pump is impossible, as the pump mechanism produces vibrations when being used, some pumps are a lot quieter than others.

    quiet shower pumps

    Say Goodbye to Noisy Shower Pumps

    There are lots of reasons why you will want to buy a quiet shower pump. For a start, a noisy pump can be irritating and in some cases may disturb the sleep of household members if the shower is used at unsociable times. Rather than being a pleasant experience, you may find a noisy shower pump can make showering stressful. You'll also want your shower pump to do its job without being reminded of its presence every time you turn the shower on.


    Noisy shower pumps are usually a feature of cheap brands, so it's often worth spending a bit more for a quiet pump that doesn't draw attention to itself. Leading manufacturers have recognised the importance of producing quiet shower pumps and have incorporated the latest technology to reduce vibrations and make pumps as noise-free as possible without compromising on efficiency.


    Quiet Shower Pump Brands

    Pump Sales Direct sells a range of shower pumps from leading brands that are recommended for their quietness. Grundfos Amazon positive or negative pumps are renowned for being quiet, making use of innovative brass impellers to reduce vibration and noise. For those who relish a noise-free environment, the Stuart Turner Monsoon range of shower pumps are also hard to beat. Low-voltage pumps, anti-vibration feet and brass bodies all keep noise output to a minimum. Top brand Salamander is famed for the efficiency and quietness of its shower pumps, with the Salamander CT Force ranges among the quietest on the market today. Available in positive or negative, the CT Force has been made with quietness in mind, so you can expect technology that keeps vibration and noise to an all-time low.


    If the noise of your shower pump is driving you mad, it can be worth consulting Pump Sales Direct to discuss options for quieter pumps. There are also several ways you can help to reduce noise impact, such as choosing where you place it. Hollow materials such as timber increase vibrations, whilst placing it on a concrete block or mounting pad can dampen noise levels.

    Don’t put up with that noisy shower pump any longer! Contact our expert team today.


  • Submersible Pumps: 8 other ways to prevent flood damage

    With nearly six million homes in England and Wales at serious flood risk, it is important to find out if you are living in a flood-risk area and take action to mitigate the danger. The team here at Pump Sales Direct have put together 8 simple tips to follow when it comes to preventing flood damage in the home, covering aspects from submersible pumps to home insurance policy's.

    Flooding Submersible Pumps
    1. Insurance
    Talk to your insurer to check what damage is covered by your home insurance policy and what will be paid out. Insurers will pay for like-for-like replacement or restoring your home to its previous state. You will probably have to pay for other work yourself. Some local insurance companies and brokers offer a courtesy home visit to advise home-owners on any recommended changes they should make.

    2. Home Changes
    Make permanent changes to your home to reduce the risk of flood damage. This may include laying ceramic tiles on the ground floor, replacing chipboard cupboards with stainless-steel, solid wood or plastic ones, and replacing fitted carpets with rugs.

    3. Outdoor Alterations
    Outdoor alterations to resist flood damage include replacing wooden window frames and doors with uPVC ones. However, this may not be permitted in conservation areas, so check with the local council’s planning department. Other repairs include fitting a non-return valve at each drain and water inlet and replacing existing air vents with flood-resistant ventilation bricks.

    4. Flooring
    Ask your builder to raise the damp-proof course and to seal all the floors at the ground level.

    5. Home Electrics
    Make all home electrics safer by raising the electrical socket height to a minimum of 1.5 metres above the ground floor. Make sure that all electrical devices such as TVs are also at least 1.5 metres above the ground floor. Reduce internal flood damage to walls by using lime rather than gypsum-based plaster. Hide all valuable objects on upper floors or on shelves that are very highly mounted on the wall.

    6. Submersible Pumps
    Invest in a submersible pump in case of emergency. Submersible pumps from Pump Sales Direct are the most efficient method of removing flood water quickly.

    7. Sandbags
    When flooding is imminent, block the bottom of external doors with sandbags to stop water getting into the house. Fit covers over the external air bricks. Plastic sheeting will suffice in an emergency if no better cover is available.

    8. Floodline
    If you are living in a flood-risk area, register at Floodline on 0345 9881188 for phone, text or email flood warnings. When the flood is imminent, make sure that all sinks and baths are firmly plugged to stop any water that backs up the outlet pipes from getting into the house. Seal around any toilets and washing machine outlets to reduce the risk of the same type of water back-up. This will also reduce the amount of time submersible pumps will require to remove any floodwater that does penetrate.

  • The top 5 shower pumps on the market

    Here at Pump Sales Direct, we stock a extensive range of shower pumps that are suitable for a range of different systems. But with so many different shower pumps and manufactures on offer, it can be a tricky process deciding which one to fit into your system.

    To help, the team at Pump Sales Direct have kindly shared details of their 5 top selling shower pumps to help you make your decision;

    Shower Pumps

    1. Stuart Turner Showermate Standard S1.8Bar Twin Shower Pump
    Stuart Turner has an extensive range of pumps that can be used for applications across the house. The Stuart Turner Showermate provides you with a more powerful shower experience, and it is perfect for single applications. This type of shower pump can be used with open-vented cold and hot systems that have positive head conditions. This twin model can be fitted into single- and multi-function showers and mixer taps.

    2. Salamander CT50 Xtra 1.5 Bar Twin Impeller Regenerative Positive Head Shower Pump
    The Salamander CT Range features durable pumps that are quick and easy to install. The twin impeller shower pump can be fitted to manual or thermostatic showers for both the cold and hot water supply. The manufacturer produces high-quality pumps in the UK, and they all meet exacting quality controls before being released on to the market.

    3. Salamander RHP75 2.2 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Centrifugal Shower Pump
    The Salamander RHP75 pump can be used in whole-house systems as well as single bathroom applications. This pump is twin-ended, enabling it to manage single and multi-outlets. It is capable of working with high-resistance features, including showers that have a champagne spray or a massage setting.

    4. Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal 3.0Bar Twin Shower Pump
    The Stuart Turner Monsoon range of shower pumps is an excellent option when you need to boost the supply in a single application. They are constructed from brass for a durable finish and are fitted with anti-vibration feet. This type of shower pump can also be used to pressurise the water supply when the outlet is above the water source, such as in a loft extension.

    5. Salamander CT Force 30PT 3.0 Bar Brass Twin Impeller Regenerative Positive Head Shower Pump
    This popular range from Salamander is suitable for a number of applications where you require a boost in supply. CT Force shower pumps work with gravity systems, where there is a cold-water cistern and a hot-water cylinder to provide water to the pump inlets.

    Shop the full range of shower pumps today online here at Pump Sales Direct

  • Will a pump help my shower water pressure?

    Are you tired of struggling with a shower that provides a trickle of water rather than a flow? Does it take ages to run a bath? Does your electric shower cut out when someone flushes the toilet or turns on a tap? All of these could be symptoms of low water pressure.

    Shower Pump Water Pressure

    You can test your water pressure by using a one- or two-litre measuring jug, turning a tap on full and simply seeing how long the jug takes to fill. From this, you can then calculate the flow in litres per minute – as a rough guide, a figure under ten means that you have low pressure.

    If your water pressure is low, there are a number of things you can do about it. A Home Booster Pump can help significantly boost the pressure to the whole house. Or if you’re just having problems with the shower, a Shower Pump could be the solution.

    A Home Booster Pump is fitted to the mains supply and can improve the pressure to the whole house, so you’ll benefit in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. On the other hand, a Shower Pump boosts the flow to an individual outlet. This can ensure you enjoy a powerful shower, as well as helping with filling the bath or ensuring that the toilet cistern fills quickly.

    There is a range of home booster pumps available to buy online from Pump Sales Direct, which can help increase your water pressure and ensure you get a great shower.

    Before fitting a Home Booster Pump or Shower Pump, it’s important to understand the type of system you have - whether it’s an older property with a gravity-fed system - with a cold-water tank in the loft and a hot-water cylinder - or a more modern system with a combi-boiler. These have different requirements for pumps, so if you’re not sure, then consult a qualified plumber or give the expert team at Pump Sales Direct a call for advice on your purchasing the right pump: 08453 664 754

  • Noisy shower pumps FAQs

    Jumping into the shower is an invigorating way to start your day; it’s also more economical than running a bath too!

    Sometimes your water pressure can let you down, and there’s nothing worse than a shower head dribbling drops of water instead of a fast flow.

    Shower Pump

    In many cases, you will need a shower pump to give your water pressure a boost. You’ll need to make sure it is fitted properly so you don’t get any problems. The last thing you want is for a noisy shower pump to annoy the rest of the household.

    We've found that usually the pumps at the lower end of the market which make the most noise, as their cheaper parts are more likely to vibrate, so investing wisely is one good option.

    If you do have problems with a noisy shower pump, there are a few things you can try for a quick fix. If your shower pump is already fitted, you could try mounting it on a concrete block to absorb some of the vibration or checking that the pipes are tight and securely fitted to the pump to reduce noise. These small amends should lessen the vibration and noise pollution from your pump when you turn on the shower next.

    If you have tried all of the above, and your noisy shower pump is still too much of a problem to solve, it is advisable to fit a new one.

    There are a number of quieter shower pumps on the market which are made of high-quality parts and are therefore less likely to vibrate and make a noise.

    Some manufacturers have researched materials and methods to create a quieter shower. Look out for Grundfos shower pumps, which have been designed to perform strongly but quietly.

    Grundfos shower pumps have built up a reputation for quality, and their Amazon pumps have motors emitting a low noise as well as special anti-vibration feet to cut the noise level from there too.

    Shop the full range of shower pumps online today at Pump Sales Direct

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