Will a pump help my shower water pressure?

Are you tired of struggling with a shower that provides a trickle of water rather than a flow? Does it take ages to run a bath? Does your electric shower cut out when someone flushes the toilet or turns on a tap? All of these could be symptoms of low water pressure.

Shower Pump Water Pressure

You can test your water pressure by using a one- or two-litre measuring jug, turning a tap on full and simply seeing how long the jug takes to fill. From this, you can then calculate the flow in litres per minute – as a rough guide, a figure under ten means that you have low pressure.

If your water pressure is low, there are a number of things you can do about it. A Home Booster Pump can help significantly boost the pressure to the whole house. Or if you’re just having problems with the shower, a Shower Pump could be the solution.

A Home Booster Pump is fitted to the mains supply and can improve the pressure to the whole house, so you’ll benefit in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. On the other hand, a Shower Pump boosts the flow to an individual outlet. This can ensure you enjoy a powerful shower, as well as helping with filling the bath or ensuring that the toilet cistern fills quickly.

There is a range of home booster pumps available to buy online from Pump Sales Direct, which can help increase your water pressure and ensure you get a great shower.

Before fitting a Home Booster Pump or Shower Pump, it’s important to understand the type of system you have – whether it’s an older property with a gravity-fed system – with a cold-water tank in the loft and a hot-water cylinder – or a more modern system with a combi-boiler. These have different requirements for pumps, so if you’re not sure, then consult a qualified plumber or give the expert team at Pump Sales Direct a call for advice on your purchasing the right pump: 08453 664 754

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