Grundfos Are Lead Supplier to Water Treatment Plant

Impressive news coming out of Grundfos: they are now lead supplier for the Austrian based Aqua Engineering water treatment plant – further proof of their excellence as a supplier of pump technology.

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Based in the town of Monsee, Aqua Engineering GmbH are a global water treatment brand – providing solutions in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

As a subsidiary of BWT (Best Water Technology); Europe’s industry leader in water treatment, they boast a yearly turnover of approximately 350 million euros and have a workforce of over 2500 people. They are specialised in providing wastewater treatment, seawater purification, industrial water supplies and clean drinking water.

Aqua Engineering recently undertook a project in the Bay-Gan Island of Taiwan whereby 560,000 litres of seawater would be needed to purified per day. Grundfos pumps played a crucial role in the treatment process and the pumping of water in the systems – they supplied a range of pumps to properly deal with their needs. Booster units, service pumps and feed pumps were all supplied as well as a selection of dosing pumps that were each given a specific chemical/additive to filter within the water.

These highly advanced Grundfos dosing pumps were comprised of two types: DMS and DME. The DMS pumps types are mechanically operating dosing pumps that are fitted with an intelligent motor that can vary the stroke frequency based on demand. The DME pumps are able to offer a more modern form of digital dosing, removing any problems with operational/setting difficulties. The diaphragm possesses the ability to be totally controlled every cycle through it being screwed into a crankshaft. It also boasts the operational range of In turning to Grundfos pumps for their all-in-one solution, Aqua Engineering has simplified their pumping system oper. Their high quality, highly efficient pumps speak for themselves and greatly reduce the time needed for staff training.

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