How does a central heating pump work?

central heating pumpCentral heating pumps are responsible for the pumping of hot water around your central heating system. These pumps will deliver hot water around your building from the boiler, to the radiators, and back to the boiler again.

When water travels from your boiler it’s hot, and as it makes its way through your pipes and to your radiator it loses heat. It is the heat from this pumped hot water that is responsible for the heating of the room. The water in the radiator then cools and travels to the boiler to repeat the process again. The whole purpose of a central heating pump is to make this procedure far more efficient and therefore effective.

Some heat pumps come with a number of features & benefits that can really help increase the efficiency of it. One of these features is a wet rotor pump, which is specifically designed in such a way that it provides consistent pressure in your pipes. A huge benefit of this kind of pump is that it can automatically adjust the central heating pumps performance based on the demands of the system, which can greatly decrease the running costs of your central heating.

Sometimes problems occur within a pump, but these are easily fixed for the most part. Here are some common problems when it comes to central heating pumps and the action you can take to fix them.

The central heating pump makings a rattling noise against the wall

Be sure to check if the pump is secured properly, if the screws holding it into place are loose be sure to tighten them.

The pump doesn’t heat all of the radiators

Turn the pressure up, though be aware this should only be done if the problem is upstairs. There could also be a problem that the pump is old and doesn’t have the power that it used to in order to be able to pump the water round the system.

Noises from central heating

There may be air in the pumps, be sure to bleed the radiators to rectify this.

The pump casing is hot

You may need to get the pump replaced, the pump casing can be warm but if it is too hot to be able to leave your hand on then there is a clear problem.

The pump is making a lot of noise

If you can hear a knocking noise within the pump, there is a good chance something has become misplaced inside of it. You will need to replace it.

The pump isn’t making any noise at all

It may be dead. Check if the pump has been turned off, or if a fuse near the pump has blown.

Boiler heating the hot water but not the central heating (or vice versa)

This is a common problem when the heating has not been used for a while and it has a simple solution: simply give the central heating a gentle tap. This can be more effective than you realise as it can free a sticking valve.

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