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How to save money in 2019

A New Year’s resolution is a verbal commitment to instituting real change in your life; but the reality is - far too many of us fail to follow through on this promise. The first few days of the New Year might see a determined effort to enact change but, a few weeks into January, what little resolve we were able to muster at the very start of the year has all but fizzled out.

Unlike health-based resolutions, which are all too easy to neglect, a money-based resolution can be met by making a number of simple changes to your home. Saving money in 2019 doesn’t require a gargantuan effort. By making some changes to the equipment that heats your home and transports water around it, you can successfully save on your bills.

Stuart Turner showermate

stuart  turner showermate Stuart Turner showermate

The tagline for the showermate encapsulates its appeal perfectly: ‘economy without compromise.’ For an extremely affordable price, you can get an efficient alternative to the vast majority of shower pumps available today. Compact and easy to install, the Stuart Turner Showermate isn’t just a solution to a weak shower, it is an affordable and efficient solution too. Stuart Turner has a reputation for innovation and the showermate is no exception.

Central heating pumps

By more efficiently directing hot water around your home - to your radiators, to your hot water taps, to your showers - circulating pumps can drastically reduce your heating bill. Our Grundfos central heating pumps are even certified by the EuP as ‘A’ rated. Reserved for only the most efficient and immaculately designed energy-using products, this accreditation really helps to distinguish Grundfos central heating pumps from the rest of the pack. Installing one in your own home is a sure-fire way to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating.

Grey water recycling

By repurposing water that would otherwise go to waste, grey water recycling represents an unmissable opportunity to cut down on the amount of water your home uses. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, greywater is any domestic wastewater that isn’t sewage; water that has been used in baths, sinks and washing machines yet remains relatively clean. Installing an ABS drainage pump is an effective way to collect this greywater and channel it into an area of your choosing, where the greywater can then be reused as you see fit.

These three simple changes - installing a new piece of equipment in each instance - can positively affect your bank balance and help you fulfil your New Year’s resolution.

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