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Lessons from World Water Day to take with you

grey water recycling

This year, Thursday 22nd March, saw World Water Day come and go. First commemorated in 1993, World Water Day was created to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. The heightened awareness generated is fleeting. But instead of allowing the environmental lessons we have learned go to waste, we have made a concerted effort to ensure that the environmental concerns the day was created to raise awareness of, continue to make an impact beyond a single day. With this goal in mind, we have put together this list of ways you can maximise the sustainability of your own home in 2018.

Grey water recycling

According to a report released by the Energy Saving Trust, Britain uses 840 billion litres of water every year - a great deal of which is perfectly fine to be used again. The water flushed away down showers, dishwashers and bathroom and kitchen sinks across the country has the capability to be repurposed for use in washing machines and toilets - and grey water recycling systems are designed to help you do just that. In many cases, these systems reduce water usage as drastically as up to 50%. Alongside the obvious environmental benefits, there is a financial incentive behind adopting a grey water recycling system too. When water usage is reduced, so too are the associated bills.

Circulating pumps

The Energy Saving Trust also estimates that the UK spends a staggering £2.3 billion on heating water for showers alone - compare this to the £1.6 billion spent powering dishwashers and washing machines. Circulating, or central heating, pumps work by distributing your supply of hot water evenly throughout your home, meaning your home’s appliances have hot water as and when they require it. By more efficiently circulating hot water around your home, central heating pumps reduce the heating costs that surround hot water use (they provide a cost-effective alternative to heating large tanks of water) while simultaneously reducing the associated environmental costs. By minimising the volume of water used as well as the amount of energy needed to heat said water, circulating pumps are a superb way of making your home more sustainable.

Energy efficient products

Across our website, you will find a range of energy efficient products that will help to bring your water and electric usage in line with global sustainability standards. Foremost amongst these energy efficient products are variable speed circulators. Working upon the same principles as circulating pumps, variable speed circulators work to meet the demand for water flow as precisely as possible, ensuring that no water or energy is wasted. All energy efficient products are marked as such with an ERP Ready icon, which you will see across our website. For more information on any of our products, get in touch on 0800 008 6405 or email

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