Flamco Pumps: Manufacturer Spotlight

Our manufacturer spotlight series aims to bring attention to underappreciated or overlooked producers of pumping equipment. And with such an extensive range of manufacturers featured on our website, it can be easy for customers to overlook certain companies. With this in mind, we’ve produced a deep dive into one of our most highly respected and reputed manufacturers: Flamco.

They have played a pivotal role in shaping HVAC technology and they remain an influential organisation today.


Flamco was founded in 1956. At first, it produced wall brackets and pipe hangers. In 1959, Flamco became known for the product which it remains inextricably associated with: the expansion vessel. It began importing expansion vessels into the Benelux.

The year after, in 1960, it affirmed its association with expansion vessels by producing a line of their own. Originally named the Excon, their expansion vessels transformed the world of heating. Their advent made sealed central heating systems easy to create and the benefits were felt by households and businesses the world over.

By 2009, Flamco was active in an astounding 67 countries, scattered all over the globe. Today, they have a presence in a startling 70 countries worldwide.


Flamco’s main priority is assuring that the quality of its products is unparalleled. Buy a Flamco pressurisation unit for example, and you can expect exceptional efficiency and unparalleled longevity. An insistence on quality extends to absolutely everything surrounding the organisation.
From its stellar technical assistance that will help you solve even the most difficult to fix problems to the stellar logistical operations that allow Flamco to work efficiently with customers in over 70 different countries.

As a major manufacturer, Flamco also takes its responsibility to society and the environment incredibly seriously. They closely monitor their annual carbon emissions to look for ways to minimise their environmental impact – a strategy that has already proven successful.

For example, in 2017, Flamco were able to reduce their carbon emissions by 203 tonnes.


Flamco is primarily known for its expansion vessels – and for good reason. They were amongst the very first companies to create quality expansion vessels and their status as a manufacturer is largely thanks to this but they have demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for innovation and consistent quality.

Their product range is constantly expanding too. Today, as well as expansion vessels, pressurisation units and a range of accessories for heating, cooling and potable water installations, Flamco has incorporated rail, clips and brackets for installing and hanging pipes into their extensive range of products.

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