Grundfos energy saving pumps

When it comes to saving energy, you may not think that pumps have very much to contribute. But you might be surprised to learn that pumps actually account for around 10% of all electricity consumption worldwide.

Grundfos pumps

Where are all these pumps? If you think about it, they’re an essential part of modern life, from circulating water in central heating systems to powering showers and running pool filters. There are more pumps around than most people realise, and most homes contain at least one.

Designed with energy efficiency in mind

That means that there’s considerable potential for saving energy by choosing the right type of pump. Grundfos Pumps is one of the leading manufacturers and designs its pumps with energy-efficiency in mind.

Many individuals and businesses buy a bigger pump than they need, and they leave it running for longer than necessary. There’s therefore potential to save energy by specifying the right equipment and controlling it properly.

Grundfos Pumps offer many of their models with automatic speed adjustment, which means they only work as hard as they need to. For things such as showers, the pump doesn’t need to run all the time – only when the shower is in use. This has other benefits too, as pumps – even those such as the Grundfos Amazon shower pump, which is designed for quiet operation – always generate some noise when running. So only having it operate when required makes for a quieter environment.

Choosing the right Grundfos pump

In areas with poor mains water pressure, a pump may be required in order to get a decent flow at the taps. By specifying the correct model from the range of Grundfos Pumps, it’s possible to eliminate water-flow problems but still minimise energy consumption. Again, a key element is control – only running the pump when it’s required rather than having it active all the time.

For commercial users, Grundfos Pumps have tools to help users carry out an energy check or pump audit to ensure they’re using the right pumps for their needs. It may be the case that by switching to a smaller pump, users are able to save energy and still shift the same amount of water effectively.
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